Participate in the transformational change God is doing

through Five Capitals all over the world.


Invest in Five Capitals

By investing in Five Capitals you invest in the lives of leaders.

Five Capitals Leaders:

Create healthier, more productive workplaces

Lead others to Christ

Serve as light and life to those around them


Whether it’s you or your company,

consider giving to one of the four specific categories:

Scholarship Fund


Invest in the future. Many young entrepreneurs and leaders want to grow and pursue all God has for them but don’t have the skills or experience to take things to the next level or get out of the rut in which they find themselves. Scholarships allow these young leaders to get the coaching they need (and otherwise couldn’t afford) in order to reach their full potential.

Suggested minimum monthly amount $50.

International Efforts


Invest in the world. Five Capitals continues to expand it’s influence and reach the world with the transformational tools and resources we’ve developed. We are currently engaged with Christians in Brazil, Holland, Finland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Tasmania and Canada; with many more countries on our radar. Many of these leaders have the heart to follow Christ but not the finances needed for the resources and tools. Your investment allows us to train, translate, coach and implement these Biblical concepts into these regions.

Suggested monthly investment $100.

Content Development


Invest in the awareness. God has blessed us with amazing Biblical content and tools that we want to get into the hands of you, His people! However, getting these concepts into a finalized and reproducible form takes time and talent. The more training modules, video series, curriculum, resources and books we publish, the wider our reach is to be able to transform communities, cities and ultimately the world.

Suggested monthly investment $250.

General Fund


Invest in the cause. We have a God-sized vision to transform all of God’s leaders to reach their fullest potential for Christ by prioritizing the home, revitalizing the workplace and impacting the world. The ideas and possibilities are truly limitless and we would love your partnership as we seek to influence more and more leaders throughout the world.

Suggested monthly donation – as you feel led.



$ 50

Per Month


$ 100

Per Month


$ 250

Per Month


$ 500

Per Month


$ 1000

Per Month


$ Custom

Per Month

Have More Questions?

If you have questions or would like to talk
to a Five Capitals Team member about giving, contact Brandon.


Many business leaders have given through their company.

Five Capitals is a registered 501C3.

Download a printable version of how to invest in Five Capitals.