team_brandon02Hi. Brandon Schaefer here, Executive Director of Five Capitals.

As a recent college graduate, I was excited to dive into my first corporate job, putting my business degree to work. As well as completing my degree I became a Christian through a fraternity brother as well.

While I enjoyed success and fulfillment in those first months of my job, I quickly found myself wondering how (if at all) the Bible applies to all of the strategy, tactics and daily activities I was doing. I believed the Bible was God’s living and active word, and was thus relevant to every area of my life – yet I struggled to personally apply the Bible to my life or find resources to guide me in this endeavor.

Many of the Christian books and materials I did find were more about workplace theory or theology than simple biblical application to one’s life both personally and professionally.

This is where the Five Capitals journey began. Relentless believing and pursuing biblical concepts and paradigms relevant to both work and home. Over the years, through great mentors, resources, research, trial and error and working with countless clients we’ve discovered biblical frameworks which (when applied) bring about lasting change.

Come with us on the journey!