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Equipping You to Equip Others

We’ve created an engaging and enjoyable learning experience to help you to take your Coaching to the next level. You’ll learn, be challenged, grow and have fun with fellow coaches who want to see lives transformed in the business world, and (more importantly) for the Kingdom. Below you will find an overview of what becoming a Certified Five Capitals Coach entails.

Vision Alignment is a Key Step in the Process

You want to align with people who are moving in the same direction you are; people who share your purpose and goals. As you consider becoming a coach through Five Capitals, take a moment to learn more about our vision.

Our Goal

To Help Business Leaders Thrive.

Our Focus

Personal Development; Leadership Skills; Organizational Strategy.

Our Distinctives

Biblically-based; Practically-oriented; Results-Driven.

Our Aim

Through our coaching and content, help Business Leaders, their families, their friends, their employees and their customers become transformed.

Coaching Certification

Our certification will equip coaches with the skills, frameworks, wisdom and confidence to effectively lead and coach others well, helping them and those they coach to go after all God has for them in life.

This approach will set you up to uniquely coach others. Whether it’s as a part of the Five Capitals Coaching Family, to be better at coaching in your current role, or to start your own coaching practice, our goal is to “launch” you into effective coaching by the end of our time together.

Our Approach

The training is much more than just content mastery. Through the Coaching Certification Process, we have developed a very specific “way” of engaging with our participants to help them use our content and frameworks to realize true change and transformation. We do this through…

  • Information and Insight: We not only teach the content, but we also share the “What” and the “Why” behind each tool and framework.
  • Imitation: We’ll model and engage with best practices to help you grow in confidence. We’ll do this in the short term during the certification process, and in the long term via ongoing coaching calls and discussion.
  • Innovation: Over time, we will help you discern and grow into your own delivery, application and specialty.

Set up for Success

  • An overview of more than 25 Core Five Capitals Coaching modules
  • Coaching guides for the first 3 months of coaching with any client
  • Facilitator’s Guides with coaching and consulting best practices
  • Participant worksheets and handouts for use in coaching engagements
  • Access to video teachings and content
  • Access to coaches only content portal with access to all Five Capitals assessment tools, worksheets and strategic planning toolkits
  • Ongoing group and Individual coaching on how to develop your niche, build your practice and sharpen your coaching skills.

Specialty Certifications

Enneagram Certification

Five Capitals Enneagram Certification provides tools to help coaches, leaders, learners and their friends, clients or teams increase their emotional intelligence while properly identifying strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Participants receive the leadership insights, tools, and resources necessary to empower their clients to new levels of health and influence. Our certification process is calibrated to improve individual and organizational performance, enhance team communication and strengthen relationships.

Our Approach

The team at Five Capitals has developed an innovative biblical framework for the Enneagram you won’t find anywhere else, which gives participants greater clarity into our original design, how brokenness and temptation play out in our lives, and strategies to bring out the best in ourselves and others.

  • Deepens understanding of behavior patterns that cause difficulty, conflict and pain within relationships
  • Helps people better manage challenging relationships in their jobs and personal lives
  • Enables parents to better understand their children
  • Increases confidence, self-esteem and a positive orientation to life
  • Reveals core blind spots relating to your personality type
  • Allows participants to identify and let go of negative response patterns and destructive behaviors
  • Renews a more compelling sense of purpose and life-focus
  • Promotes more compassion for self, leading to greater levels of self-acceptance

What You'll Receive

  • Comprehensive overview and history of the Enneagram
  • A personal Enneagram assessment and custom report
  • Knowledge on how to administer, understand and share the assessment results
  • Coaching tools and techniques to bring out the best in others
  • Situational best practices in working with leaders and teams
  • Practice sessions to hone your skills
  • All necessary resources, audio recordings, handouts, coaching materials and worksheets to use with your clients

Ready to Thrive?