Build a Better Life

Practical Tools and Strategies to Develop and Lead Your Life and Business the Way Jesus Would

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Many Are Asking…

Does the Bible apply to my work? If so, how?

I struggle to see how to apply it to my every day work life.

How do I live a more integrated life?

I’m tired of being one person at home, another at church, and yet another at work.

How do I make more of a difference with my life?

My job has no meaning, I’m not passionate about it. I want a different trajectory.

“Many Christian business leaders are feeling divided between their work, family and church. They’re searching for a life that is full and connected. They can continue to balance endless activities and tasks or they can model their life after the best leader that ever lived; Jesus.

Build a Better Life offers seven Biblical frameworks to equip people to live more productive, healthier lives. Our hope is that, through reflecting on and implementing these concepts, our readers will be able to say, ‘I’m discovering and living a more fulfilling and fruitful life.’ ”

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Cory Carlson Cory Carlson President of Sales at URETEK Holdings, Inc.

“I recently underwent a key career transition where I was leading a new team. The tools in this book were instrumental in helping me through this process. I was able to know how to pause, pray, and get clarity on what our next steps will be and when to transition to the next phase. During this time, our team was not the only one growing. I was also growing as I realized the importance of settling and abiding in God.”

Jay Hidalgo Jay Hidalgo Marketing, Sales, and Business Coach

“For most of my working life, I limited Jesus by only inviting him into my business dealings when major issues came up. Through the practical concepts in this book, I’ve come to learn that Jesus gives insight on finance, marketing, sales, human resources, work-life balance, non-profit organizations, planning, and anything else you can think of.”

Missy Rogers Missy Rogers, M.D.

“The world tells us that life is in success, money, and popularity. Just like everyone else I knew, I was pursing the same things. I never asked God what life meant from his perspective. I was just pursuing the American Dream. This book has helped our life become much more full, enjoyable, balanced, and productive than it ever had been!”

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About the author


Brandon Schaefer

Brandon is the Executive Director of Five Capitals. Five Capitals works with Business Leaders offering Coaching and Consulting to help them to change their lives and grow their business. The focus is to help them live an integrated life, discover life to the full and increase their spiritual/strategic confidence in the workplace. Five Capitals works with all types of people and organizations equipping them to reach their full potential. Brandon has coached hundreds of individuals, groups and couples over the years. A sought after speaker, engaging with thousands through workshops and conferences all over the world, as business / church leaders seek to benefit from the Five Capital principles.

Brandon is a graduate from Iowa State University in International Business and Spanish. After graduating, Brandon worked for Motorola in Glasgow, Scotland and Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis in their strategic marketing departments respectively.

After years in the corporate world, Brandon was called to work in the local church. Since then he’s completed a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies from Asbury Seminary. In ministry, Brandon served as the Adult Discipleship Pastor at East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis and most recently as the Pastor of Discipleship, Leadership and Outreach Ministries at Southland Christian Church in Lexington, KY.

Brandon has a passion for developing leaders and serves as a coach for a number of different non-profit and organizational leaders. He’s a gifted discipler, leader, strategic planner, Myers-Briggs / Enneagram guru and loves seeing people reach their full potential. He’s married to his lovely wife T.J. – they have two daughters Eva and Teagan.