To Boost and Accelerate your life

at the New Year

3 or 6 Week Coaching Options to get your New Year Started right.


Company Overview

Five Capitals is an organization passionate about helping and equipping Christians / Business / Church Leaders to grow. We train people in how the Bible connects to both their personal and professional life, creating greater levels of integration, wholeness and fulfillment. Areas of focus include: developing leadership skills, increasing cultural health, personal development, discovering vision and values, and enhancing team health, productivity and profitability. With a focus on application, we invest transformational tools and skills allowing for a more fulfilling and impactful life. These tools are simple, memorable and reproducible allowing participants to pass them on to others.


Build a Better Life Coaching: 3 or 6 week options

With the New Year upon us, and the launch of Five Capitals’ new book, Build a Better Life, Five Capitals is pleased to announce the following two coaching initiatives designed to help you launch into the person Jesus created you to be.

Coaching Descriptions:

  1. “Build a Better Life” foundational concepts coaching (3 or 6 week options)

    Most of us find it difficult to connect the various areas of our life. We compartmentalize home, work, and leisure, leaving us stressed and frustrated as we try to keep all the plates spinning. “Build A Better Life” offers seven frameworks to equip people to live more, productive, healthier lives.

    1. a)  Booster Call: 3-week overview of the seven frameworks
    2. b)  Acceleration Call: 6-week call providing a deeper dive into tools and applicability of material intoone’s personal and professional life.
  2. Strategic Planning for the year (3 or 6 week options)

    The New Year is here and are you positioned to be healthier and more productive this year? Discover a greater level of faithfulness and fruitfulness. Maybe you’re attacking the New Year with the same concepts you tried last year and in need of both a new perspective and practices. Strategic Planning for the year will provide frameworks, reflection tools and planning / priorities sheet to go for all God has for you this year.

    1. a)  Booster call: 3-week overview providing a framework for yearly planning
    2. b)  Acceleration Call: 6-week overview allows additional time to discern God’s plan for the year and the people, practices, and priorities needed

For any of the above options, we offer three types of coaching. Calls are generally weekly for 1 hour, held via video conference call or in-person meetings depending on geography.

Group Coaching — 4-6 Participants

You can create your own group or join a new group. Participate in coaching with people from your work/ church team allowing you to explore the material as a team, ensuring a successful launch into the year. Another option is to join a new group allowing you to get a different perspective from outside your organization.

Couples Coaching — 1-3 couples

Getting things right at home is essential to see breakthrough in our lives. Couples Coaching allows participants to receive insight and instruction from a holistic perspective — working to integrate home, community and work life. Couples are challenged to wrestle through what each Biblical concept means for their marriage, family and work.

Executive Coaching — 1:1 Coaching

Executives face special challenges to incorporate Five Capitals principles into a broader corporate context. With organizational structures in mind, we have developed Biblical frameworks and organizational tools for the Executive Leader. Executive Coaching creates the space for both personalized consulting and individual application.

Pricing Options: varies depending on program length selected and type of coaching. Below pricing are per 3 or 6-week program. Scholarships are available.

  • Group Coaching: $90/individual for 3 weeks; $180/individual for 6 weeks
  • Couples Coaching: $150/couple for 3 weeks; $300/couple for 6 weeks
  • Executive Coaching: $200/individual for 3 weeks; $400/individual for 6 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I sign-up? Email with the program you are interested in and we will contact you and get started.
  • How does it work? Calls are 1 hour for coaching, content and discussion. In between calls, homework will be assigned for reflection and application of the material.
  • Who’s leading the calls? Five Capitals certified coaches will be leading the calls.
  • If I like the coaching, can I continue? Absolutely. Join our growing family of life learners.
  • Can my friends / employees join me? Yes. We recommend going through the coaching process with others whenever possible.

Next Steps

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Contact us via email or phone: 317.753.4133