Rob Gales

Certified Coach

Rob serves as President of his own Coaching and Consulting Company called: “The Gales Group.” Rob primarily works with C-Suite Leaders (and teams) in the areas of: Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, turnaround strategies, and exit planning.

Rob offers 35 years of experience including senior partner roles in several equity capital market investment banks, advisory to turnaround, and high growth privately held businesses. He was also Chairman and CEO of a turnaround, and ultimate strategic sale, of a health care benefits company. Rob also has extensive not-for-profit board experience.

Rob’s world was rocked in early 2017 with an advanced-stage cancer diagnosis. This diagnosis led Rob on a journey to ask the Lord: “What is it that men (in leadership) needed to be aware of in their own lives, to help prepare
them in a way that Rob was not prepared?”

Rob became certified as an executive coach with Five Capitals to become further equipped to help these men. His focus is now on personal growth and awareness, as well as organizational/leadership development.

Rob enjoys spending time with his family at their Wisconsin cabin and gives God all the credit for allowing him to be cancer-free still today.

If you’re a mid-life leader looking to significantly grow both in the success (and in the significance) of your life – request Rob to be your coach.

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