Holly Cervini

Certified Coach
Location: Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Born in England, Holly was raised in South Carolina and hard-wired to be a high-challenge, make it happen leader. She attended Dartmouth College, graduating in three years with Honors in Social Psychology. Holly took on London in a corporate psychology consultancy organization where she developed her passion for personality profiling with such tools as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Holly returned to the United States, streamlining and improving delivery times in the logistics department of a highly successful manufacturing company. Not one to back away from a challenge, she then helped to create and launch a new retail jewelry store where she defined the look, feel, and culture of the business, which continues this day to be amongst the most successful businesses in South Carolina. While raising two teenagers, Holly shares her spiritual, musical and professional talents with the community through her work as a Worship Pastor and Events Coordinator for her Anglican church.

Leveraging her passion for learning and her fascination with tools such as the MBTI and Enneagram, Holly found Five Capitals a natural fit and was one of the designers of The Prioritized Leader assessment. With Spiritual Capital locked solidly in first place, Holly also supports the Five Capitals content team with a specialty in Physical Capital, wellness and nutrition. Along with her two children, she has two Sighthound dogs, two Ragamuffin cats and lives in the beautiful, seaside “Arrogantly Shabby” town of Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

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