Michael Kuremsky

Certified Coach
Location: Cincinnati, OH

During his 23 years at Procter & Gamble, Michael loved building brands and leading the global skin care business for the company, but even more, he was passionate to create an organizational culture where people loved coming to work.

He is now a part-time brand strategy consultant for various Fortune 500 clients, but has discovered a new passion in his part-time professor of brand marketing role at Xavier University where his best days are found mentoring and coaching students outside the classroom as they look to make the transition from school to a professional and adult life.

In this, he found a desire to interact, mentor and coach others in one-on-one relationships, leading him to Five Capitals where is a certified coach with a specialty focus on senior corporate clients who lead organizations and want to become more inspirational to others.

Michael is married to Wendy and grateful for two adult children who have launched and leading their lives forward.

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