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Here is a story from Roy King, one of our coaches at Five Capitals. He shares how he has been engaging with the next generation and how God is using Five Capitals coaching to make an impact:


This September, my wife Pandora and I had the opportunity to do some coaching and consulting in Egypt. Thinking this would be a one-time opportunity to invest in some local students, we had no idea these relationships would turn into nine on-going coaching clients that we would still be investing in months later.

These leaders are in their 20 to early 30s, who are in career launch mode. Several already have significant work experience, have traveled internationally and all are Christians who are deeply committed to living with Kingdom values in a land where they are a small minority.

Faith’s Story

One student we met was a third-year university student named Faith (name changed for privacy). As we had dinner with her family she began to share what she was encountering in her world religions course.

She asked her professor if she could present an alternative view to how he had originally presented Christianity. He agreed and afterward he commended her for the sound and thorough understanding of her faith.

After the class ended, three female students approached her and explained how they had never heard the things she was sharing. Now, these three Muslim girls are regularly meeting with Faith to study the Bible over coffee.

Sam’s Story

Another young man we met was Sam, who was in charge of career placement for a University. His dream is to begin a business incubator that will spawn business as ministry opportunities in Egypt and other Arab Countries.

Starting any new enterprise in a very unstable economy is a great risk, yet he continues in development mode and believes God is calling him to have a great Kingdom impact.

The constant theme running through all of these coaching experiences has been how to make a difference in the Kingdom. Faith and Sam aren’t concerned with financial accumulation or security. Instead, they’re asking how to live with a vision of heavenly reward that this world can’t touch.

Engaging with these young believers reminded me once again of the power the next generation has in transforming a community, a tribe, and even a nation.

God is definitely on the move in Egypt and all across the globe. We would love to hear your God stories about the next generation: How you are engaging them, or maybe how you yourself (the next generation) are going after His Kingdom.

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