Strategic Consulting

While weekly coaching can go a long way in one’s pursuit of change and transformation, often times individuals and teams can see accelerated growth and success through longer more intensive times together.  Five Capitals consulting offers strategy sessions, team days, guided weekend retreats, workshops and seminars on a variety of topics.  Sessions are generally 1-3 days.

Our consultants offer expertise with the aim of bringing encouragement, best practices, strategic insight, biblical concepts, transformation, accountability and growth to one’s team or organization.

We listen to your goals and objectives and then create a plan to specifically meet your objectives. After participating in one of our sessions, you and your team will walk away with a strategic plan and clear next steps.

Here are a few of the topics that we consult with teams on:

  • Clarifying your Vision and Values
  • Strategic Planning and Prioritizing
  • Self / Team Awareness & Team-Building Tools
  • Effective Leadership Practices
  • Increasing Team Health and Productivity
  • Strategies for Higher Profitability
  • Achieving Clarity as an Organization / Culture Change
  • Movemental Approaches to Business

Consulting Topics for Businesses and Teams

Consulting can happen in a variety of ways: one-­on-­one coaching, on­site workshops, facilitated sessions, webinars, Skype and phone calls.

Personal Development / Self-Leadership

  • Clarifying one’s identity, wiring, giftedness, passions and fit in life.
  • Clarity in who I am / What I’m called to do
  • Understanding my wiring / giftedness (Myers­Briggs assessment)
  • Discovering the gifts God given me (5­fold assessment)
  • Creating a personal / team vision – and focus. (calling / context)
  • Developing a greater sense of self­awareness and team health (Enneagram assessment)
  • Implementing the skills and disciplines necessary to achieve at the next level.
  • Inner World development
  • Integrating and simplifying one’s life

Team Dynamics / Organizational Health

  • Creating Healthy Cultures: Understanding one’s gifts and abilities in relation to the team
  • Let’s get along: Relational training for team-building, conflict-­resolution, communication and problem­-solving (Myers­Briggs Assessment)
  • Situational Leadership: Leading and developing others with intentionality and focus based on their level and ability
  • Character and Integrity in the workplace: Growing in trust, dependability and follow through (Enneagram Assessment)
  • Productivity and Efficiency: Increasing the organization and output of the team.
  • Developing and Multiplying Leaders
  • Creating a Culture of Empowerment and Ownership: How to equip people for creating more leaders.
  • The Leadership Square: How to take people from apprentice to master.
  • Developing a Leadership Pipeline: Practical tools and paradigms to raise­up leaders.
  • Sales Strategies: How to identify and stick with People of Peace – those customers and clients who are ready to engage with your organization.
  • Intentional Leadership: Focusing on both the Character and Competency of your teams.

Movemental Growth – Vision and Strategy

  • Vision­-casting: Developing the Vision, Values, Vehicles, Vocabulary and Valuation that produce the desired end result.
  • Ensuring you’re on the right track: Clarifying the Vision and Strategy for your organization
  • Strategic Planning: Developing the focus, roles and responsibilities, ownership and timelines necessary to meet goals/milestones.
  • Removing Barriers: Where is your organization stuck? Unhealthy? Frustrated? Discovering and removing these issues to make room for health and growth.
  • Business as Family – environments that people want to be a part of. (contagious community)
  • Let’s look like Apple and Google: Transitioning from “Business as Intuition” to “Business as Movement”


mbti_logo_black_smMyers-Briggs is a personality assessment tool used to discover one’s preferences in the following four areas: energy, processing information, making decisions, living one’s life. Our certified coaches administer the assessment and walk participants through their results, giving insight, coaching and application tools to grow.


enneagram_logoUnique only to Five Capitals – we have created a comprehensive Biblical Framework for Spiritual formation using the Enneagram.  In working through our framework participants will gain greater clarity into: our original design, how brokenness and temptation plays out in our lives, what can put us on a journey towards wholeness, as well as strategies to bring out the best in others as well.

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