Trailblazer – 24

Ben Redmond

Who is it for?

Trailblazer -24  is open to any man that is committed to growth  and improvement in 2024 

Why should I join? 

How many times have you started off the new year making a list of the things that you are not going to do anymore. This year, you can start the year off by working on what you’re going to do and saying yes I do have what it takes. Trailblazer – 24 is an opportunity for you  to reset and get on the path that will lead you to the success that you want in 2024. 

What is it?

Trailblazer – 24 is a 24 day opportunity and challenge that will provide a daily exercise routine to become better physically, a weekly coach call that will result in your own personal and professional objectives, and key results and a weekly reflection email so you can grow spiritually.

● Align your priorities

● Become better physically

● Grow spiritually

Two Great Options:

Lite: (Free)
● Guidelines for participation
● Daily Checklist
● Weekly coaching email

Pro: ($300)
● All items in the Lite program
● Weekly 90 minute coaching call
● Weekly scalable workouts for all fitness levels
● Copy of the Trail Markers E-book
Flight Foods supplement stack
● Clear next steps on how to succeed in 2024

Register for LITE HERE
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