How To Win Your Market

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Chalkboard Video Series

Over the past couple months, we’ve been sharing our Chalkboard Video Series  – giving you examples of some of the tools that we use. We’re excited to enable you go after ALL of your potential helping you and your team personally and your company professionally.

Creating An Empowered Culture

Previously, we shared How To Create An Empowered Culture – where we talked about creating a thriving leadership culture. In this next video, we talk about how to create an empowered culture. Brandon shares some very practical ways to grow in our own personal weaknesses -the places that tend to keep us from creating a thriving leadership culture. How can we can becoming healthy and strong leaders who are creating cultures that are empowering?

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It’s all about products that sell.
substance and relevance brings value and that changes over time
The innovation of them sets us up to be cutting edge.
How do we set ourselves up? How can we ensure that we’re staying on this cutting edge of the markets that we play in?
There are two things that are essential.