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A book called Freakonomics was written by Levitt and Dubner and published in April of 2005.  It talked about how the world is run by different kinds of capitals within a surprisingly economically complex market system. The book led us to think: what could the concept of “capital” could look like from a Christian or Kingdom perspective?

The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 helps us to understand that God has entrusted so much to us and He expects a return.  People may not have the same level of capacity in each of the five areas, but with the capitals in the right order the potential for God to do mighty things through anyone and everyone is the same. God has invested so much in us and He desires that we grow his investment and give it away, believing a greater return will come back to us only to then be invested again.

Building on the message of the parable of the talents, the Five Capitals team believes there are five capitals from Heaven available to us and that there is a correct order to them.  The parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16 gives us insight into the correct order of priority for these capitals. If we keep them in the right order, grow them and give them away, we will experience a maximum return on these investments and the potential to truly find “life to the full”.  For example, as demonstrated in the Luke 16 story, we see that relational capital is more important than financial capital. Jesus encourages us to recognize the relative value of each capital and invest wisely.

Are your capitals in the right order?  Are you coaching or leading someone who could benefit from assessing their capitals?   

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The proper order of the five capitals

  1. Spiritual Capital: The level of connection we have with God – The currency is wisdom and power.  The first commandment states: “You should love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength.”  Jesus’ entire ministry demonstrated that spiritual capital is the most valuable of all. When he described life in the Kingdom of God, he talked about a life that was rich in spiritual capital both here and now on earth, and in eventually in eternity.
  2. Relational Capital: The health and priority of our friendships – The currency is family and friends.  Just as the second commandment says “Love your neighbor as yourself,” relational capital is second in priority.  It is more valuable than physical, intellectual, and financial capital because you cannot do anything of value in life without relationship with others; or you can’t really do anything with those other three areas unless you have at least a little relational capital in place.
  3. Physical Capital: The amount of time and energy available – The currency is hours and health. As we descend our hierarchy of capitals, physical comes next.  Think about it this way: if you are sick, you can’t work (financial capital), in the same way that if you have a migraine you can’t deliver a lecture or read a book (intellectual capital).  No amount of money or ideas can replace the value of being physically present, giving time and attention to people and projects.
  4. Intellectual Capital: One’s drive for creativity, ideas, and knowledge – The currency is insight and ideas.  This is of a higher value than financial capital because we can’t create ideas and be creative simply by spending a lot of money.  Intellectual capital comes from something deeper than what money can buy. We can throw all the money in the world at a problem, but it won’t get solved until someone brings some intellectual capital to bear, coming up with a creative and workable solution.
  5. Financial Capital: The resources we have to invest – The currency is dollars and cents. Financial capital ranks lowest in our hierarchy.  People get into trouble both by over valuing and devaluing it. When we overvalue money and sacrifice all kinds of other capital to obtain it, it never quite fulfills its promise to us.  Studies show that as soon as we have enough, getting more money doesn’t satisfy like we think. However, when money is invested in others, (instead of ourselves) it does increase one’s happiness level.  There is nothing inherently wrong with having money or desiring to be in a better state financially – It is the love of money that is the problem. The reality is God’s owns everything, he entrusts resources to us and we are called to steward well what’s been given.

Are you ready to assess your capitals?  

We’ve created this data-driven tool to help you capture a true snapshot of your life right now. The report includes two different lenses on your priorities, an overall score, deep dive workbook into all the five capitals and a suggested action plan to implement.

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When you’ve completed the assessment we’ll follow-up with more helpful tips on how to read your results and re-calibrate your life to start living it to the full.  From regular, free webinars to updates via our newsletter to personal, one-on-one coaching, we are here to help you!

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