$375 – 16 Types Master Class


Dates and Cost

  • Start Date: This will start on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, and meet for 4 consecutive weeks (we will set a time based upon everyone’s availability)
  • Investment: $375

This 4-week Master Class will meet via Zoom, a free video-conferencing platform.



The Five Capitals 16 Types Master Class is designed to help coaches, leaders, or teams increase their emotional intelligence while identifying strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Our training process is calibrated to improve individual and organizational performance, enhance team communication and strengthen relationships.

In the span of 4 highly focused small group training sessions, you will discover your unique 16 Types, grow in your self-awareness and relational awareness (the building blocks of high EQ – emotional intelligence), and lay the groundwork for developing yourself and taking your relationships to a new level.

What you’ll receive

  1. Historical overview of the development of 16 Types
  2. A personal 16 Types assessment and custom report
  3. Verification of your 16 Types online results to ensure accuracy
  4. Coaching tools and techniques to bring out the best in others 
  5. Helpful resources, video and audio recordings, handouts, coaching materials and worksheets to use with your clients or colleagues

Who should take this Master Class? 

This 16 Types Master Class has been designed for 2 groups: First, this is an excellent resource for coaches who want to better understand 16 Types to serve their existing clients or as a springboard to engage new clients. The second group includes business executives, CEO’s, managers, and organizational leaders (profit and non-profit). Really, it’s for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of 16 Types for their own growth and to help others.

About 16 Types

Around the globe, 16 Types is one of the most well-respected and commonly used personality assessment tools in use today. Built on the pioneering research of eminent psychologist Carl Jung, and further developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers-Briggs, we’ve designed our 16 Types Master Class to be an empowering process that helps people grow in their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy, team-building, and overall organizational health and productivity. 

Who will lead the Master Class? 

The class will be lead by Brandon Schaefer and Tom Blaylock

Tom Blaylock, Director of Coaching at Five Capitals, will lead the Master Class. Tom has over 15 years of coaching experience and has walked dozens of clients through their 16 Types assessment and is currently training coaches on how to better use this important tool. 

Brandon Schaefer is the founder, CEO of Five Capitals. He works with business leaders and owners, offering coaching and consulting – helping them to change their lives and grow their business. Through biblical application, the focus is helping them live an integrated life, discover a “life to the full” and increase their spiritual and strategic confidence in the workplace. Brandon has coached hundreds of individuals, groups and couples over the years. A sought-after speaker all over the world, he has engaged with thousands through workshops and conferences, as business / church leaders seek to benefit from the initiatives core concepts.


Additional information

Pricing and Options

$375 Pay Full Price Now, $175 Five Capitals Certified Coaches, $75 Now and Invoice the Rest