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We strive to see a world where all people thrive.


That’s why we invest in life-changing tools, content, and skills to help develop healthier, more impactful, and productive individuals and teams. 

Your donation enables Five Capitals to equip business leaders around the world to serve as a light to those around them by:

  • Developing their leadership skills
  • Building healthier cultures
  • Providing personal development
  • Discovering their personal and corporate vision and values
  • Enhancing team health, productivity, and profitability

Specifically in 2020, your funds make possible: 

  • The DOCK @ Pawleys Island. This would be a place of regular training and equipping of people and coaches, a central location where we could invest in leaders from all over. We envision a ripple effect of our coaching process, tools and content multiplying, expanding and then scaling exponentially. As we have put together the architectural plans for “The DOCK,” designed the space and the marketing materials, God has opened doors every step of the way. This includes connecting us with capital partners, a fair price on the land, a vision team, and a strategic sustainable long-term business model for this area. This business plan would combine local office space, a first-class training facility and equipping center, as as well as a co-working space for local business leaders. That said, the next step in this journey is to raise $75,000-$100,000. Click here to learn more.

Your funds also make possible: 

  1. Investing in the future of young leaders through scholarship funds. Many young entrepreneurs and leaders want to grow and pursue all that God has for them but don’t have the skills or experience to take things to the next level. The scholarships that Five Capitals provides allow these young leaders to get the coaching they need (and otherwise couldn’t afford) in order to reach their full potential.
  2. Creating an international impact. At Five Capitals, we partner with churches and Christian business leaders in developing countries like Brazil, Egypt, and India. These communities are spiritually hungry but lack the training, coaching, and tools needed to fully develop. Through your donations, we are able to partner with these leaders in very practical ways.

By training individuals and teams in how the Bible connects to both their personal and professional lives, we are sowing the seeds of health, wholeness, and fruitfulness for generations to come. 

Thank you for investing in a future where all people thrive.  


*All gifts are tax deductible*