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Practical tools and strategies to develop and lead your life and business the way Jesus would

Build a Better Life

Build a Better Life

Do You Want to Build A Better Life? Do you struggle to connect all the different areas of your life? Do you tend to compartmentalize home, work and leisure, leaving you feeling stressed? Do you just have too many plates to keeping spinning at once?

Build Your Better Life provides practical assistance with proven strategies to help you develop and lead your life and business the way Jesus would. These tools will empower you to live a more productive and yet healthier, happier life. They will move you forward to discover the perspectives, priorities and practices needed to lead a more fulfilling and fruitful life, both at home and at work.

Jesus encourages you write a bigger and better story—one that has more integration, satisfaction and lasting significance than you can even imagine. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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Win at Home - Cory Carlson

Win at Home First

Win at Home First gives business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives a practical, eye-opening guide for thriving both at work and home.

Many of us focus on winning at work. Whether it is from our own fear or the expectations of others, we put pressure on ourselves to succeed. Then, with whatever time and energy is left, we give to our family and to ourselves. In the end, no one wins. Marriages suffer, kids are neglected, teams at work are not developed, and you are not fulfilled.

There is a better way. You, your home, and your work can thrive. This book will help you discover how to:

  • Craft a personal and family vision
  • Achieve work/rest balance
  • Have a close marriage of fun and intimacy
  • Build into your kids to set them up for success in life
  • Prioritize for even greater impact at work
  • Equip and empower your employees


Succeeding at work doesn’t mean you have to fail at home. You can do both.

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Rise and Go

Rise and Go

Leadership is hard. There are days when we don’t feel like motivating or inspiring anyone. Heck, we sometimes wake up feeling tired and discouraged ourselves, so how can we motivate anybody else? We all have our own doubts and insecurities about our lives and the directions we’re headed. We may wonder, too, if we’re even doing the right things to develop those we lead and help them reach their full potential.

Rise and Go provides business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives a resource to help them to overcome setbacks and challenges that come with leading at work and at home. This book will help you discover how to:

• Craft your own “Rise and Go Manifesto”
• Focus on gratitude each day
• Be more intentional with your leadership
• Become more confident and consistent
• Use Scripture to overcome your self-limiting beliefs
• Mark and remember moments when God has provided for you

All leaders get knocked down. However, great leaders get back up more quickly and move forward with what God is calling them to do. There’s no time to waste.

It’s time for us to rise and go.

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