Kristen Williams

Certified Coach
Located in Raleigh, North Carolina

For as long as I can remember, I have been a cheerleader for others (even though I never made is past tryouts in Middle School). I am by God’s design, and confirmed by Gallup StrengthsFinders, filled with contagious enthusiasm. I have been told by many along life’s journey that I bring positive energy to a room, even that I can “light up a room.” My passion is to use this positivity to help others get excited about life, especially their own.

I spent most of my adult life using my positivity, and my other top five strengths (that include: activator, communication, responsibility, and strategic), as integral parts of my professional work. My work has been in areas that included information technology, product development, alternative delivery systems, systems analysis, youth work, church work, committees, teams, budgeting, and leadership development. Then in 2012 I discovered there is a vocation perfectly suited for my gifts and strengths. Enter coaching.

I have been prepared for coaching through study, training, and practice. My coaching studies includes: systems thinking/action learning, human development, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, dialogue, and inner quality management. My coach training includes: effective listening, powerful questions, professional covenants/agreements, and coaching ethics. My coaching experience includes: training groups, coaching individuals, coaching teams, leadership development workshops, and team building work. This experience has taken place in person, via voice calls, video calls, and online learning platforms.

Now if you have made this far, welcome and let’s get started wandering and wondering together!

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