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The Five Capitals team values investing in our intellectual capital, which can help us learn and grow in the other capitals as well. One of the ways we do this is by reading. Here are our team’s top blogposts picks we wanted to share with you. These are posts we found challenging, informative, educating and inspiring. Enjoy!

Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work

Control your thoughts and you create your reality. A positive mindset begets positive end results. Right? Read more thoughts on why this may not be the case…

 What Captain America Can Tell Us About God

We long to have a relationship with a powerful being that is able to save the helpless people in the world.

Don’t Spend Your Day on Social Media, Instead Spend Your Day Building the Next Big Thing

Jim Clark, one of the few people in the recent history of American business to start three different billion dollar companies all of which were Silicon Valley startups, talks about productivity in the digital age.

Kick Turn: More and more Americans like watching people kick round balls

Soccer has become the second most popular sport in America for 12-24 year olds. Read about how several measures suggest that the game is gaining ground.

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