Top Articles: Holiday Edition

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Holiday top articles

The Five Capitals team values investing in our intellectual capital, which can help us learn and grow in the other capitals as well. One of the ways we do this is by reading.

Here are our team’s top blog posts picks we wanted to share with you. These are posts we found challenging, informative, educating and inspiring.

And this time, we have our holiday edition for you to dive into during your time off! Enjoy!

3 Ways to Build Business and Recharge Over the Holidays

Here are three things you can do that your clients and sphere will love — all while recharging and getting the rest you deserve.

Top 6 Benefits of Down Time & Resting Over the Holidays

Although it can be difficult to unplug and take some down time – especially for busy business owners and entrepreneurs who are used to working 60, 70 or more hours a week – taking a break to rest and enjoy the holidays with your family can go a long way to ensuring you’re working at your highest potential when you return.

Stress Less for the Holidays

Does your company engage in any of these practices to help alleviate holiday-related stress among your employees?

5 Meaningful Ways to Thank Your Employees This Holiday Season

When it comes to thanking your employees, giving gifts like branded pens and gift baskets are good, but there are more meaningful ways to show your appreciation.