Kay Linayao

Performance Coach & Change Leader: Empowering Leaders and Teams to Unlock High Performance, Certified Coach, Harvard-Trained in Applied Coaching, San Francisco, Boston, New York

Leveraging a blend of Industrial Organizational Psychology from Harvard and proven management consulting frameworks, Kay empowers leaders to navigate complex challenges and drive measurable results. Drawing on her real-world operations experience, Kay helps organizations identify roadblocks, optimize processes, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Her hands-on expertise in propelling leader and team performance stems from working with industry leaders like Google and Meta, as well as fostering growth in early-stage startups and incubators.

Building High-Performing Teams:

Kay specializes in helping leaders and their teams go from struggling to high-performance. When she says “high-performance team” she is referring to one with a strong foundation built on these key areas:

  1. Conflict Resolution: Team members manage conflict effectively and respectfully, even in times of high stress. They ensure that disagreements are resolved quickly without escalating into larger issues.
  2. Open Communication: The team breaks down silos and fosters a culture of open and candid communication. Ideas and feedback are exchanged freely at all levels, with every team member’s perspective valued and considered.
  3. Alignment: The team is unified in its values, goals, objectives, roles, responsibilities, success measures, workstreams, vision, and mission. This alignment ensures that everyone is marching cohesively in the same direction.
  4. Cohesive Operations: Team members understand and agree with the processes, systems, and best practices necessary for their jobs. These systems are logical, effective, and contribute to the team’s overall efficiency.
  5. Support & Accountability: The team is structured to get the best out of each member by leveraging their strengths. Each team member has a clear understanding that they are the best person for their job and feels accountable, knowing that the team relies on their contributions. 

By solidifying the five foundational factors, Kay believes trust, collaboration, culture, flexibility, resilience, and readiness to scale naturally emerge as sustainable byproducts.

Championing Excellence: 

Armed with certifications in Executive Coaching, PROSCI Change Management, Six Sigma Champion, and Six Sigma Lean Black Belt methodologies, Kay is committed to fostering a culture of operational excellence and strategic thinking in every engagement. Her approach centers on leveraging the power of psychology and organizational design to drive sustainable growth and long-term success, ensuring an organization thrives in the ever-evolving corporate and competitive landscape.

Embracing the Adventure and the Unknown: 

As an avid kitesurfer, diver, and open-water swimmer, Kay embraces the challenges and joys of the unknown. Her nomadic lifestyle, fluency in multiple languages, and appreciation for diverse cultures enrich her coaching practice, allowing Kay to connect with clients on a deeper level.

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