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Through our time in working with our Five Capitals coach, our rhythms have changed dramatically for the better. Our coach has helped us process and apply great biblical teaching, as well as helped to shepherd us through significant changes in our businesses.
Dora & Steven Manuel, Owners, Viva Bella Events & High Five Salon
I started coaching to get greater clarity on the purpose of my business. Where I previously felt confused and frustrated, I now feel joy, peace and focus. Although my business was my primary reason for the coaching, I have also seen tremendous progress in my spiritual and relational (family/marriage) health.
Krissy Little, Procter & Gamble
Through the coaching I’ve received, my leadership skills and abilities have dramatically improved. I’ve been experiencing breakthrough in the areas of content documentation, strategic pilot testing and creating reproducible systems—all thanks to the benefit of interactive dialogue with my coach.
Chuck Proudfit, CEO, At Work on Purpose
My Five Capitals coach guided me into my first V-level executive role while upgrading the scope of the job. He helped me to effectively navigate and collaboratively structure the boundaries during some challenging times. He was truly an emotional support system and has my enduring trust. He also helped my team members improve executive presence and self-awareness. As a result, the team is highly functional because of the training, common language and team building facilitated by my favorite coach. Many thanks!
Phyllis A. Dyson, VP, Duracell Global Product Supply
I’m a business owner with a crazy schedule, and as much as I’ve tried, my family has always seemed to get what was left over from me. Our coach has amazingly helped us establish regular rhythms of rest and work, putting “rocks in the river” to promote health in my family and capacity in my business.
Peter Zimmer, Huff Realty
Life as an entrepreneur and small business owner can be very isolating. The endless drive toward growth and keeping up with the current pace of life in the business world is intoxicating and exhausting. With Five Capitals coaching, I’ve continually sought to pan back, prioritize and further develop significant and personal relationships that impact and enrich my entire life.
Scot Sustad, 5x Entrepreneur, Digital Hot Sauce & Inbox Booths

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