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About Us

Who We Are

Our Vision:

“To See A World Where People Thrive.”

We are a community of biblically rooted and business minded coaches who are passionate about helping and equipping Business Leaders and Employees for growth. With a focus on application, we invest life-changing tools, content and skills allowing for healthier, impactful and productive individuals (and teams). These tools are simple, memorable and reproducible allowing participants to pass them on to others.

1 | The Bible As Our Guide

Because the way of Jesus is where life is found. As we journey forward, we seek the truths found in the Bible to help illuminate each step and light up the path ahead.

2 | Community at the Core

Because who we are is about who we chose to do life with. As a community of coaches we seek to form life-long relationships with each other as well as those we have the honor of coaching.

3 | Excellence all the Time

Because God deserves our best. A culture permeated by excellence vanquishes mediocrity and creates space to thrive.

4 | Transformation over Information

Because lasting change is more important than clever ideas. In an era where information is more accessible than ever, transformation must be our mandate.

5 | Leave your Mark

Because we were created and are called to make a difference. It’s not so much how we start or even how we finish, but legacy you leave when we’re gone. 

The Five Capitals "Flywheel"

In their book, Freakonomics, Levitt and Dubner talk about how the world is run by different kinds of capitals within a surprisingly economically complex market system. Five Capitals grew out of of the question of what the concept of “capitals” would look like in a Christian context. We believe there are five key capitals in life that when ordered correctly form a flywheel that contains the potential for transformational leading and living.

Click on the numbers in the graphic below to learn more about each of the Five Capitals that make up our flywheel or download the PDF for a printable version.

1. Spiritual Capital is based on the relationship we have with God. It’s the most valuable of all the capitals. It’s measured in wisdom and power.
2. Relational Capital is the relational equity (or trust) we’ve built-up (or eroded) with others. It’s both the quality and depth of our relationships. It’s measured in influence and impact.
3. Physical Capital is the time and energy we have available to invest. Time is the great equalizer. We have one life to make the most of. It’s measured in hours and minutes.
4. Intellectual Capital is the creativity and knowledge we have available to invest. The skills and competences we learn allow us to thrive in life. It’s measured in creativity and insight.
5. Financial Capital is simply the money-tangible resources we have available to invest. It’s about stewarding well all the resources we have. It’s measured in dollars and cents.

The Four Essentials

In our work with hundreds of business executives, we have determined that there are four fundamentals or “Essentials” for business that, if optimized, will exponentially improve company performance.

Download PDF

NO 1

A Clear and Distinct Brand

Your company BRAND is more than just a logo or tagline. It’s who you are. It’s your company identity. It contains the vision, mission and communicates ‘WHY’ your company exists.” If you and your leadership team are not together on identifying the brand, you have some work to do.

NO 2

A Healthy Culture

Every company has a CULTURE. Yet, not every company has a healthy and productive one. So, how does one go about increasing ownership, engagement and productivity? These environments are the result of a leadership team proactively training, mentoring and equipping everyone in the organization to reach their potential.

NO 3

A Satisfied and Growing Market

Everyone wants to see the customers in their MARKET brag about their products and services. To help companies get there, we start with some fundamental questions: 1) Who is your primary customer? 2) How well do you know them? 3) What do they value most? 4) How do you best engage them?

NO 4

Engaged and Confident Leadership

Successful companies have leaders who together keep the BRAND alive, grow the CULTURE, and serve the MARKET. In these organizations, leadership isn’t a drain, it’s a joy. With a constant focus on developing others, there is never a shortage of people ready to step-up.

Ready to Thrive?