To be the global leader in empowering and equipping Christians
so they can go after all God has for them in life.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” — John 10:10

An Integrated, Full, and Impactful Life

How do we discover, solidify and go after these three things? What does it look like to consistently live out a life that’s integrated, full, and impactful?It starts with our priorities, how we view them and live them out. To help participants assess and sort out the priorities of life – we help them discern the “capital” they have in their life. Where do they have time, resources, insights, experiences, relationships to invest to truly and intentionally go after what they desire for their life?This framework (or concept) is called the Five Capitals and is outlined below.

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What are the Five Capitals?



How much faith do you have to invest?


How much relational equity do you have to invest?


How much time and energy do you have to invest?


What intellect, skill sets, and competencies do you have to invest?


What financial resources do you have to invest?

These are listed in order of priority. The problem is that most everyone has put these in a different order, often putting Financial Capital first. Through Five Capitals Coaching, participants learn practical ways to arrange and keep the capitals in the priority that Jesus teaches, as well as learning Biblical tools and paradigms to apply to every area of life.

Five Capitals Values

The Bible As Our Guide

because the way of God found in the life of Jesus is where life is found

Excellence all the Way

because God deserves our best

Community at the Core

because who we are becoming is about who we chose to do life with

Leave your Mark

because we were created and are called to make a difference

Transformation over Information

because lasting change is more important than clever ideas

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Five Capitals coaching is specifically designed to train leaders in how the Bible directly relates to both their personal lives and their place of work. We focus on creating integration, health, and leadership capacity in each person we coach.



Five Capitals offers specialized consulting in a variety of areas for professional groups including: Clarifying Vision, Strategic Planning, Effective Leadership Practices, Skills and Tools, Team Health/Team Dynamics, Conflict­ Resolution, Organizational Clarity, Business as Mission, Biblical strategies for today’s Marketplace, and Movemental approaches to Business.