In coaching we equip Business Leaders, workplace Christians and their families with practical tools to build productive, healthy, integrated, and profitable lives.

Personal Transformation : living a healthy and integrated life
Leadership Development : growing as a person of influence
Making a Kingdom Impact : being an agent of heaven on earth

How does Coaching work?

1-6 participants
(group size depends on type of coaching)

video / conference call

1 hour, weekly

unpack Biblical tools and principles

experience personal and professional growth

Who is Coaching for?

Personal Transformation


Married Couples

Professional Transformation

Business Leaders

Business Executives

Key Distinctions of Five Capitals Coaching

There are many faith-based coaching programs out in the marketplace, and it seems like everywhere you look there’s a new program, course, or coach to choose from.  Like many of our potential clients, you may be asking, “Why should I join Five Capitals instead of XYZ Coaching?”

That’s a great question, and as we’ve taken time to honestly think through our answer, we’ve come up with five reasons why we believe we are set apart from the competition.

1. We are Biblical

We are not just a faith-based organization who says we believe in Jesus, but we actually lead with the Bible. With the Bible as our guide, we build content from the life of Jesus and from others in the Bible.

2. We are Practical

We do not have a one size fits all curriculum, but tailor our material to meet you were you are at. So, whether you’re in a new job, new role, in the midst of great breakthroughs, or serious adversity – we will adapt our coaching tools to get you to the next phase.

3. We are Integrated

Our tools work everywhere, and are not just focused on the 8-5, but you can use them at home as a parent or spouse. Depending on where you work, this content can also be adapted to be used in a secular environment and still be effective.

4. We are Results-Driven

We are so confident in our results that we only charge clients month by month and therefore don’t ask for large upfront costs. We have a successful track record with companies increasing revenue and improving their culture, as well as individuals improving their work performance, even into promotions.

5. We are Holistic

Most coaching programs are one dimensional and only focus on competency. We care about all aspects of your life and will help with your character, your calling (what God has made you for), and your chemistry in working with your co-workers and family members.

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