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With you every step of the way

Our purpose is helping you realize yours.

Our main delivery mechanism is coaching. For us, coaching isn’t a formula — we listen well to the participant (or team) and then put a customized plan in place. Helping you and your team prioritize your capital and optimize your business is at the heart of all we do.

We offer coaching for executives, teams, and cohorts through weekly one hour sessions as well as limited-term intensives. Calls are generally weekly for one hour, held via video conference call or in-person meetings.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Every one of us, as leaders, have big dreams, ideas and goals we want to achieve. So why is it so hard to turn those dreams into reality? Executive coaching will equip you with the tools and processes to uncover the obstacles standing in the way of your vision becoming reality. Executive coaching is ideal for growing leaders such as:

  • Small business owners looking to break-through barriers to growth
  • Couples who co-lead business and organizations who desire greater efficiency in communication 
  • CEO’s with a passion to create a healthy business culture
  • Pastors and church leaders with a desire to better shepherd those they lead and serve.

Breakthrough Is Possible.

“Through the coaching I’ve received, my leadership skills and abilities have dramatically improved. I’ve been experiencing breakthrough in the areas of content documentation, strategic pilot testing and creating reproducible systems—all thanks to the benefit of interactive dialogue with my coach.”

Chuck Proudfit – CEO, At Work On Purpose

Helping You Thrive
  • Recalibrate and realign the top five areas of your life to all the more readily reach your goals
  • Cultivate a targeted and reachable strategic goal path
  • Increase self-awareness & emotional intelligence for executives, managers and team members
  • Increase your ability to handle and manage conflict
  • Engage with the best practices of top leaders to quickly take on practices which are right for you

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

We've all heard the phrase, "teamwork makes the dream work " and we all know why we've heard it. Because it's true! But strong, healthy and productive teams culture doesn't just happen, it takes hard work from everyone on the team. Our coaches are here to help encourage and guide your team to the next level! Team coaching is ideal for:

  • Leadership Teams who need consistent monthly coaching
  • Groups interested in limited-term assessment based coaching in a specific area
  • Cohorts wanting to fine tune their company culture

From Team to Dream

“Through our time in working with our Five Capitals coach, our rhythms have changed dramatically for the better. Our coach has helped us process and apply great biblical teaching, as well as helped to shepherd us through significant changes in our businesses. We have a greater sense of vision and (because of that) know what our next steps are, moving forward. I would strongly encourage anyone to get some regular time with a Five Capitals coach.”

Dora and Steve Manuel – Owners – High Five Salon

Helping You Thrive

  • Create and maintain cohesive relationships
  • Become more self-aware so your personal blind spots do not impede team productivity
  • Engage with the strengths of your team members allowing for better collaboration and teamwork
  • Develop a healthy team culture aligned around a common core values and compassionate care for one another

Additional Offerings


Host A Coaching Event.

Are you ready to take a deeper dive? Are you looking for a great next step into connecting with Five Capitals? We are equipped  with a wide range of offerings that can be tailored to your specific goals. We call it Coaching+

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Taster Events

A great way to introduce your team or associates to Five Capitals coaching while receiving practical tools for business growth.

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From strategy sessions to team building days, we can join your team to cover specific topics, work through a personality assessment, or build your business culture.

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Keynote Speaking

Our coaches are prepared to speak at your next employee training, business gathering, or church staff retreat on a variety of topics.

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Sometimes the challenges you face can’t be covered in a weekly one-hour call. Retreats and intensives provide us more time to accelerate the transformation process.

Ready to Thrive?