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Brandon Schaefer, Founder & CEO


We are designed to equip Business Leaders, workplace Christians and their families with the tools and tactics needed to live an integrated life and more effectively lead.


We offer strategy sessions, team days, guided weekend retreats, workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. We assess the goals and needs of your organization.

What our clients are saying

My coaching calls have been a wonderful investment that I would recommend to anyone who wants to see personal and professional growth. I have seen significant positive changes in my life in just three short months. I started the coaching calls to get greater clarity on the purpose of my business. Where I previously felt confused and frustrated I now feel joy, peace and focus.

Krissy L.Marketing Dept., Procter & Gamble / Independent Consultant

Through the coaching and consulting I’ve received, my leadership skills and abilities have dramatically improved. My coach is one of the finest active listeners I have ever met. He is exceptional at understanding what others share, and then “repackaging” it for a concise and precise summary.

Chuck P. Founder CEO, At Work On Purpose

I have been in a Five Capitals Coaching Huddle for about five months and my most significant result has been learning to live a fully integrated life. Much of the disconnect has been rooted in not understanding my true identity as a child of God. My Five Capitals coach has done a great job at presenting the issues at the root of this, asking, "what is the one next step that you can take today to live into what you believe God is calling you to?"

Melissa R.Medical ER Doctor Department Head, St. Joseph Hospital System

One of the biggest areas of change our Coaching Calls have made in our lives are around Family Rhythms. I'm a business owner with a crazy schedule and as much as I've tried, my family has always seemed to get what was left over from me. Our coach has amazingly helped us establish regular rhythms of rest and work, putting "rocks in the river" to promote health in my family and capacity in my business. I feel like I have my life back.”

Peter & Christy Z.Owners, Huff Realty, Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Just under a year ago, I found myself wondering why my relationship with the Lord was so stagnant. I was stuck in a place of thinking “just believing” was good enough. Our coach challenged me with establishing a daily rhythm of conversation with God. As I spent each morning with Him, I began to realize that he was speaking to me. Our coach has taken God’s words for me and helped me to understand what to do with them.

Matt W.Cintas Corporation Senior Accounts Manager

When I think back to who I was seven months ago, I cannot say enough about the Life and Light that has touched me since we have started our coaching calls. In this time, I have learned that my Heavenly Dad approves of me and loves me. There is nothing I can do to earn this priceless gift and I am worthy because He made me. My identity has been cemented in this understanding and it has radically changed my life.

Betsy W.Stay at home Mom

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