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Whether it's a side hustle or a career pivot, becoming a certified Five Capitals coach allows you to add value to others and increase your revenue. If you are interested in helping people reach their goals and transform their lives, certification is your next step.
Get certified by experienced leadership coaches, whether you are pivoting career or starting a side hustle, certification is a great first step.

Get certified within 3 months

We work with leaders to help them thrive personally and professionally

Your journey into coaching starts with our 4-day immersive certification experience. During these four days you will learn our coaching philosophy, our coaching method, our coaching tools, and our framework to build your unique coaching business. Best of all, you’ll do it with a group of fun and passionate people who share your goals

After the intensive experience is completed, you’ll get three months of membership into our “platinum” coaching tier, which includes access to our content, access to a coach community, and access to 3 months of launch coaching from one of our trainers. During this time you will get clear on your business plan, and hopefully sign your first client.

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Perfect for those starting a side-hustle or career pivot

Our Goal Is To Help You Reach Yours

This training is practical, conversational, and immersive. We intentionally keep our groups small so that everyone has an opportunity to apply the training to their own unique context. In the three months after the immersive experience, you’ll work 1-on-1 with a coach who is focused on helping you reach your coaching goals.


Who is this coaching certification for?

Certification is perfect for…

  • Those who consider themselves an expert in their field, who would love to share their knowledge with others and pivot into a coaching role.
  • Those who are looking for a side-hustle opportunity, are multi-passionate and want to zoom in on their calling.

How much does certification cost?

The cost of the immersive experience, the 3-month launch phase, and access to the content is $3,500.

How often is certification offered?

We offer certification quarterly. The next certification is August 6-9, 2024. Classes typically last from 2pm-6pm EST.

How do I find out more?

The first step is to schedule a 30-minute discovery call with Ben Redmond (Director of Certification.) He can answer questions and help give context to the experience. You can schedule time on his calendar here.

What does the training look like?

Training is always hosted virtually, and occasionally as a hybrid with a virtual option or a live option at our home office in Pawleys Island South Carolina. Here is a basic breakdown of our 4-day immersive experience:

Day one: Our coaching philosophy – We teach you our GAP coaching method, and the key skills for great coaching.

Day two: Our coaching process – We teach you how to get leads, offer strategy calls, make a proposal, and begin coaching.

Day three: Our coaching content – We introduce you to the tools and frameworks that we use every day.

Day four: Your coaching business – We walk you through our strategic planning tool and help you build a foundation for your coaching business.

How do I sign up?

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