4 Questions When Things Aren’t Going As Planned

Have you ever been overlooked for a project or position that you felt was yours? Have you ever felt ‘called’...

Have you ever been overlooked for a project or position that you felt was yours? Have you ever felt ‘called’ to a particular role but didn’t get offered the job?

Maybe you were told you were still valued by the organization, but somebody else was selected for the position you were gunning for. Or maybe you put a lot of effort into a presentation only to be told by the customer that they were going to go with somebody else this time.

Personally, I have been experiencing this lately. And to be honest, it has put me in a real funk. I have been impatient for some things to take off. I’ve found myself pouting and wondering why things have not gone my way or according to my timeline.

Now, I could sit in my own pity party – but rather I’ve been looking at the life of David. Specifically I’ve been studying his role in building a temple for God, which in turn has allowed my perspective to change significantly!

A Change Of Plans

In 1 Chronicles 28 and 29, the hopes and dreams of King David were different than what God had in store. King David had ruled Israel for 40 years having great wealth and many victories. Basically, he was the man – he had it all! There was no better way to end his career than to build a temple for God. However, God had a different plan and timeline. In 1 Chronicles 28, the Lord says, “It is Solomon your son who shall build my house and my courts”.

Instead of getting discouraged, David did something incredible. He swallowed his pride and honored his Father’s wishes. He prepared Solomon and the country of Israel for the building of the temple. He gave away a great deal of his personal wealth to help finance a portion of the temple and he organized the people of Israel to create a construction firm to execute the build out. He also met with Solomon to prepare him to be King and to help execute building this great temple. In humility, King David prepared others for God’s plan and purpose, instead of pouting because he was not going to get the glory.

As I related this story to my recent disappointments, I couldn’t help but think perhaps I’m in a similar season like David. Perhaps this new perspective can energize me and help me know how to move forward.

Four Questions To Help

Today you may find yourself in the same place where things aren’t going as planned, or you’re being overlooked or that big sale did not go through.

If you’re in this kind of place, consider asking yourself these four questions:

  • What area of your life is not going as planned?
  • What area(s) are you disappointed in or jealous of someone else?
  • What if God’s plan for you in this season is to not actually to “build the temple”, but prepare someone else to build it later?
  • How can you respond in humility and prepare for the next season?

It’s never easy navigating these kinds of seasons. However, we can respond with trust in the Lord. In light of the situation, are you pouting through this season or are you preparing for next season? Your perspective like King David will make all the difference.