When we rang in the new year, we never imagined… …we’d be tuning in daily to hear our governors speak...

When we rang in the new year, we never imagined…

  • …we’d be tuning in daily to hear our governors speak
  • …parents would suddenly be both worker and educator, with everyone at home
  • …stores would run out of odd things like elastic and yeast

We’ve all been through so much in the past months.  We feel in control of so little. The lack of control and certainty overwhelms us like a tidal wave; our reality is beyond skewed. It’s like we have blinders on and the universe is dragging us through a random chain of blurry, unexpected moments.

What we are forgetting is that we DO have control. We can take off the blinders and build our “new normal.” Our work future, our family future, our personal future. Yet nothing will be the same; what do you want YOUR new normal to look like? Here are 4 steps to gain control over your “new normal.”



Start with the mindset that this insanity is bringing you greatness AND will continue to bring you greatness. Fight against the negativity and complaining in your head. 

For me, I spend each morning writing down 10 “celebrations” from the day prior. A celebration could be “I got the laundry done” or “I ate an entire pizza and feel terrible and feeling terrible reminds me to not do that again”. This daily activity helps me frame a positive mindset to carry throughout the day.



Reflect on this season. What was the good, bad and ugly of this time for you? Think personally and professionally. Release anything in your mind; don’t overthink it.

My most impactful reflection was the structure I added to my day. I’m a naturally productive person, but my lack of structure was always holding me back. During this time, I finally established structure that worked for me.



Review your reflections. What did you learn? What are the mistakes you don’t want to make again? What are the perspectives and habits you want to keep?

I learned that my newfound structure not only enabled me to be more productive, but it allowed me to flex for different types of days. I am rocking it! I cannot wait to keep this going.



In light of what I learned, what do I want my new normal to look like? What am I being called to focus on? What will I commit to taking action on?

For me, I commit to structuring each day, with the goal of making the most of the time I am given. I commit to being flexible, balancing hard work with rest, and ending each day feeling like I have been the best version of myself.


What could your “new normal” look like if you followed these 4 steps? 

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Megan Leasher

Certified Five Capitals Coach and Talent Advisor