Client Story: Square Cow Moovers

Meet Wade and Derek. They were just college kids with a dream to start a moving company. It was from...
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Meet Wade and Derek. They were just college kids with a dream to start a moving company. It was from this dream that Square Cow Moovers was born. The first few moves were pretty rough, including a client who said, “do you guys even know what a dolly is?” The guys realized they had a lot to learn about moving, and about running a business in general.

As the company grew, Wade and Derek realized they were onto something. They brought Wade’s dad in to help with finances, and the business started to grow. Even with the growth, the guys felt that something was missing. They were working hard, but it seemed that there was a ceiling that the company could not break through. This is when they made a decision that changed everything.

They hired a Five Capitals coach.

Through their work with their coach,  they realized two important things about their business:

  • They were trying to be all things to all people.
  • They were pursuing everything, and as a result they were focusing on nothing.

Brandon introduced the guys to the prioritized leader framework, and together they started working on changing things.

  • They clarified their vision and values
  • They articulated what they were truly passionate about
  • They picked some specific areas where they could truly be the best in the world.
  • They adopted a, “less is more” mentality.

It wasn’t long before things started to shift. Wade and Derek were now making decisions based on their vision. They were hiring and training people based on their newly identified company values (honesty, courtesy, hard work, and excellence).

Where they had failed at expansion efforts in the past, the team was able to create a strategy for a strong foundation in Texas and clear goals for expansion.

With a clear vision and values, they started attracting top talent and creating strong retention strategies. Today, Square Cow Moovers is thriving, and the ceiling that once held them back has been replaced by endless opportunities for growth and profitability.

What made the difference? Certainly it was the hard work that Wade and Derek put in, but they are quick to acknowledge another factor – the role of their coach. Listen to what the guys had to say about their experience with their coach:

As we reflect back, we were trying to figure out how to move from little league to the pros. What our coach provided was someone who came with a customized plan that helped us create something special. As we were building infrastructure, procedures, and processes, our coach provided us with accountability as we were walking through the process of building a business we could be proud of. In the early days we made our decisions based on feelings, but the coach gave us a compass that we could use to make the important decisions that would grow our business.

This is just one of the many stories of leaders and companies that were transformed by working with a Five Capitals coach. If you are looking to improve your culture, increase profitability, clarify your vision and values, or simply feel better about your business – a coach is your next right step. Five Capitals has a variety of coaches, so you can pick the one that specializes in your specific needs. You can take the first step towards building a business you are proud of by booking a discovery call at: