Ben Redmond

Certified Coach
Location: Jackson, MI

Ben Redmond is a nonprofit founder, a professor, a coach, and a speaker with a focus on helping leaders find their purpose and reach their potential. Ben specializes in the development of emerging leaders in both churches and nonprofit organizations. He has spoken and trained leaders around the world, and nothing gets him more excited than helping people use their dreams and passions to change the world.

Ben has twenty-five years of pastoral experience, and has spent a decade building and leading nonprofits. He has also spent fifteen years training pastors and leaders in the university setting. Ben has master’s degrees from Notre Dame and Rockbridge Seminary, and is currently completely his Ph.D work in Emerging Leadership Development. He has also published six books, with his seventh book scheduled for publication later this year.

Ben is an avid sports fan, and has a deep appreciation for funny movies and stand-up comedy. He despises winter, but somehow still lives in Jackson, Michigan.

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