Brad McDonald

Certified Coach
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Brad McDonald is the Founder of Pattern Talent – a leadership development firm powered by Five Capitals’ unique frameworks and relationally-driven approach to training and coaching. Pattern Talent is primarily focused on developing emerging leaders and first-time people leaders in the first 10 years of their careers.
After 12 years of leading and developing people in businesses, nonprofits, and ministries Brad launched Pattern Talent with both leadership acumen and passion for seeing emerging leaders achieve their potential.
Brad became passionate about coaching through his own experience receiving coaching during his college to career transition. When faced with the challenges of people and organizational leadership, coaching was the tool that helped Brad to emerge a strong and well-equipped leader. Through his own transformative experience with Five Capitals coaching, Brad developed a desire to help other emerging leaders receive the same help that he received.
He, his wife, and son live outside of Phoenix, Az.

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