Brian Baber

Leadership, Certified Coach, Panama City, Florida

Brian Baber’s diverse background in custom home building, real estate, and finance shapes his unique approach to personal growth and leadership development. With over 20 years at the helm of an AR Homes® franchise, Brian has become synonymous with luxury home construction, combining a keen eye for craftsmanship with an unwavering commitment to excellence. His journey began with a solid foundation in finance, earning a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Florida State University, complemented by licenses in General Contracting and Real Estate.

Brian’s professional path took an early start at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI, where he was part of a fast-track management program, gaining valuable experience in HR and Finance. His ambition and drive then led him to the investment bank William R. Hough & Co., where he honed his skills selling institutional bonds on the taxable trading desk, further broadening his expertise in the financial sector.

In addition to his business endeavors, Brian is deeply committed to education and community service. He imparts wisdom gained from his rich career history as an Entrepreneurship instructor at FSU Panama City campus and remains actively involved in civic and service organizations like the Rotary Club, Bay Education Foundation, Elevate Bay, and Girls, Inc.

As a coach and speaker, Brian empowers others to reach their highest potential by drawing on his extensive experience in business, community engagement, and personal development. He is also an author, sharing his knowledge in his book “In-Home: Creating Your Dream Home Room by Room.” Brian’s personal life mirrors the values he teaches; married to his best friend and a father to four wonderful children, he exemplifies hard work, integrity, and the significance of family. Brian’s coaching and speaking engagements are infused with these core principles, inspiring others to navigate their own journeys toward success and fulfillment.

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