Jeff Kincaid

Consulting, Disc Trainer, 12 Driving Forces Trainer, Certified Coach, Carrollton, Virginia

Jeff is a trained, certified analyst through TTi Success Insights in the following courses for the delivery of assessments, debriefing, and coaching in behaviors (DISC), motivators (12 Driving  Forces), EQ or Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence); and Leadership Training in The Prioritized Leadership Masterclass Suite. Though nothing is rarely perfect in our world, we can always strive to be the best at  understanding ourselves and others for a better life. Individual growth leads to change,  understanding, and improvement in our relationships for a healthful and productive life journey.  

• TTI Success Insights – DISC Trainer 

• TTI Success Insights – 12 Driving Forces® Trainer 

• TTI Success Insights – Emotional Quotient™ Trainer 

• TTI Success Insights – The Prioritized Leader Masterclass Certified Coach • Certified Practitioner in Team Coaching: Global Team Coaching Institute. • Five Capitals Certified Coach 

• Member of EMCC Global 

Life experiences in the business industry and coaching sports led to Kincaid Consulting Groups’ beginnings to show the day’s modern business warrior through the battles and challenges we all face. The turning point began with a chance meeting with famous speaker Zig Zigler at a sales and motivational conference where Zig said,  “if you just help enough people get what they want, you’ll receive the blessings and  things you seek.” With the mix of coaching sports and being in business for over 35  years, Jeff has always found self-development and continuous improvement  necessary to grow and solve problems. Jeff resides in Carrollton, Virginia, with his wife of 32 years and has 3 grown children Joseph, Elizabeth, and Katelyn.

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