Lane Byrum

Certified Coach
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Working at a company that allowed Lane to bring his whole self to work each day has been invigorating. His experiences as first a consultant and then business development grew him daily. He has worked with non-profits and Fortune 100 companies – churches and world-leading CPG corporations – and has loved learning from the humans at each one.
Lane grew up in the South and now lives in the North. He loves the challenge of figuring out how our passions and stories intersect and how they can affect our future choices. In the end … Lane loves people and building real, authentic relationships.
Becoming a better leader takes a brave, deep look into who we are and what is behind the choices we make on a daily basis. Helping leaders learn more about themselves so that they can be better leaders, colleagues, partners, friends, parents … humans – is what drives Lane. Everyone has stories about themselves and a past – and Lane loves coming alongside others to use those stories and past to help shape their future tomorrows – both personal and professional.

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