Pat Jolliffe

Financial Success, Professional Coach, Denver, Colorado

Pat has been coaching clients and advisors alike on financial success since 1994.  His passion for serving people led him to align with other professionals at Five Capitals for its expertise, collaborative support and myriad tools for coaching success.

As an “Enthusiastic Visionary,” Pat seeks variety, stimulation, and fun, tackling challenges with optimism and engaging with life in a future-oriented way. His creativity, energy and optimism have been instrumental in his business and leadership success and are an integral part of his coaching style.  

Pat is a Business Graduate from the University of Denver and earned his Certificate in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University.  He has a passion for apologetics and has served as a Board Member of Kingdom Way Ministries over the last several years, and is a member of its Professional Coaching Team.  Pat and his wife Jan have four children, and two grandchildren, and enjoy spending time between their homes in Western Nebraska and Central Wyoming.

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