Sharon Grehan

Business strategy, Leadership, Operations, Certified Coach, San Francisco, California

“Success involves positivity following failure, doing something you love or feel passionate about, and feeling good about yourself, your work and your impact.

Sharon’s role as a coach is built upon her work as a PhD in the academic world. She has over 25 years of leadership and enjoys coaching and empowering others to embrace opportunities beyond the limits of their imagination and to do so while being their authentic selves. Sharon has led numerous teams and individuals to high level of success, helping them to self-advocate and to highlight the impact of their work. People describe her as a very strong authentic leader and an effective, caring and relatable coach with a passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

She spent 2 years elevating the business impact of an employee resource group for women at a large company with 7,200+ members, tying efforts to business outcomes and measuring the impact of all initiatives. She has also been a guest speaker on leadership topics at numerous conferences including the Galvanize, HBA 3BC executive, California Conference for Women and Romar Learning Solutions conferences. She holds board and executive positions with BioLink, Zensights Executive Network, Romar Learning Solutions, INBA and FGB, leading ERG Accelerator efforts.

Sharon spent her formative years in Ireland and believes that EQ is just as critical as IQ to bring out the best in others. She believes that success is a relative term and will look different for everyone. She doesn’t think of it as a goal to be achieved, but a mindset of continually doing your best, being as happy as possible and helping others to do the same for themselves.

In recognition of the impact her leadership, she is the recipient of a 2023 Women of Inspiration award with the Universal Women’s Network and was shortlisted for a 2023 Forbes 50-over-50 award.

“Sharon has a way of making everyone feel special and valued. She isn’t afraid to call people out when needed but does it in a way that helps them and the business and never makes it awkward. I want to BE Sharon even though she always encourages everyone to be themselves.” – Senior Director, Marketing, US

“Sharon helped us with how to convey our impact which has repositioned our team in the eyes of the broader organization.” – Director, Commercial Learning and Development, US

“Sharon is an intuitive and incredibly skilled coach. She has a strong EQ and is able to naturally adjust to the needs of the person who she is supporting. Sharon is skilled in training leaders to dig deep and work through their areas of opportunity. In my case, she worked closely with me to hone my ability to self-advocate and better assert myself through challenging situations, particularly with audiences in which I was a minority leader.” – Associate Director, Business Operations, US

“I didn’t feel important or seen before being coached by Sharon. This has dramatically changed. Sharon inspires me to focus on my career growth and to help others do the same.” – Director, Marketing, Canada

“Sharon is incredible. Deeply grateful to have access to her leadership.” – SVP, Corporate Operations, US

“I always leave conversations with Sharon filled with hope and confidence. Apart from being strategic, disciplined and driven, she is also a wonderful caring person, who is genuinely interested in others and how to support them to achieve their goals.” – Associate Director Marketing, Australia

“Sharon helped me prep for interviews, providing coaching, support, and helping me see that I was worthy of the position I ultimately got.” – Director, Global Commercial Strategy, US

“Sharon’s coaching and leadership style transformed our team from a toxic team culture to a euphoric team culture and led us to win a ‘Best of Benchmark’ award from TGaS” – Senior Director, CL&D, US

“Sharon truly exemplifies all the qualities of a great coach and mentor.” – Therapeutic Specialist / Sales, Ireland

“Sharon has a special touch and had a huge impact in my life (and career confidence).” – Associate Director, Product Management, Turkey

“Sharon is an excellent coach! As a result of recent layoffs, I was at risk of losing my job and was freaking out. Sharon encouraged me and increased my confidence by helping me communicate the impact of my prior work but was also honest when feedback was needed. She truly is a career champion and an advocate for women.” – Therapeutic Specialist / Sales, US

Sharon’s deep experience as a leader in the Inclusion & Diversity space, a long-time people manager, and anexecutive herself at a large company enables her to be an effective coach with a pragmatic lens for both business needs and individual growth.” – Director, Business Operations, US

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