How to Create a Healthy Culture in Your Business

Cultivating a healthy culture within your company is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. When a culture is...

Cultivating a healthy culture within your company is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. When a culture is healthy it is characterized by integrity, productivity and growth.

This is an email that our good friend Wade Lombard sent to his team after receiving an emergency text from a co-worker. We thought this was such a great example of creating a healthy culture within your company that we wanted to share it with you!

Good morning Team,

This past Friday I received the message I most dread. After missing a call I get this text from Derik Massey “Emergency please answer!!!” Here is what I know — Massey doesn’t send this unless it truly is an emergency. As I hurriedly hit the correct buttons to call I him back I think of all the horrible things it could be. Someone is hurt… another truck accident… something is aflame.

Thankfully, it wasn’t any of those things. Instead, someone had crashed a pick-up truck into my home. See the picture below…

Massey tells me that my neighbor frantically called the warehouse looking for me because she had crashed a truck into the corner of my house. When Massey revealed the emergency I literally started laughing. I was so overcome with relief that our Square Cow team, clients, and trucks were fine that I found the reality of what happened laughable. Who cares about a stupid house?

I immediately called Sarah (the neighbor.) She was hyper-ventilating and crying. I told her, “It doesn’t matter. It’s a house. Everything will work out fine. I never liked the front of my house anyway.” More details…. Sarah wasn’t driving her own truck. She had borrowed the truck from another neighbor, Steve. This whole thing will go on Steve’s insurance. Steve’s response to Sarah was “Haha, I wanted a new truck anyway.” Such grace!

Why am I telling you this? There is incredible power in showing others grace! Ten years ago this situation would have sent me into a rage. However, after a decade of dealing with upset clients and unreasonable expectations I learned something life changing. I want and need grace! And the best way to get grace and compassion from others is to give it freely. I believe this with everything in me. Do you have a review on Yelp that bugs you? Go write a bunch of nice reviews for your favorite eateries, dentist, and car repair shop. Did you have a client yell obscenities at you? Make an intentional effort to speak kindness into others. What goes around comes around.

As we try to navigate a world where people are shot in Las Vegas, a government that agrees on nothing, and greed is good, let’s be a company that knows the simple answer to hate is compassion — compassion for our clients, our movers, our vendors, fellow branch managers, NEIGHBORS, and beyond. Grace abounds…

Let’s have an grace-filled week!


Wade Lombard

Square Cow Moovers


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