Guest Post: 10 Things Millennials Want

What do recent movies like Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and The Divergent series tell us about millennials? As you lead...

What do recent movies like Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and The Divergent series tell us about millennials? As you lead and invest in your families, we found this post by Mikaela Kate Schaefer to be a helpful resource for understanding your millennial kids. Mikaela points out themes from recent movie culture that give us a window into the world of the millennials.

This guest post from Mikaela on 10 Things Millennials Want was also featured in Charisma Magazine.


Recently, I’ve been struck by the millennial movies which are dominating the box office. Films like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and The Divergent series.

Recently, having watched The Maze Runner (thank you HBO for the free weekend), I laid in bed thinking about the deep connections of these movies. Yes, these are the kind of thoughts that keep me up at night!

As I reflected on these films, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly similar they all are. I know from the outside looking in it doesn’t seem that way, as each hero and every action-packed scene looks different. I mean really, what could a gigantic moving maze, a play-to-the-death arena and a world divided into factions all have in common?

Well, more than you realize!

So, here are my thoughts on how these millennial films relate to you. Finally, out of my head and into your hands, so I can sleep at night!

1. They live in a world they were put in and did not choose.

The games, sanctions, districts, and the maze are all set up to ensure submission to authority so no one will step out of line. Obviously the millennial generation isn’t forced into a world they didn’t choose, but yet at times it seems as if we were, as we are often fighting against systems, rules, and regulations. I am not saying it’s the way forward, just a reality of 20 year olds these days. (more on why this is with point #10) All of which leads me to the next point.

2. Power and control at the top keeps them confined and fighting to break free.

Whether it’s the capital or WCKD, corruption at the top is the enemy, as they fight to bring down these leaders. I am pretty sure most millennials don’t consider their leaders the “enemy” but again anything or anyone which keeps them confided is not their friend.

3. Young women are emerging as key leaders.

Katniss Everdeen, Teresa, and Tris Prior all have major roles as leaders, if not the main role. Even today, we see Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games actress) stepping out for equal pay, as well as businesswomen, CEO’s, and other organizational women leaders fighting for equality. This is a new day where God is bringing to light His intent for equality, no matter your age, race, or gender.


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