How to Plan Your Summer Using the Five Capitals

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? If you’re like me the summer sneaks-up and is here before...

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? If you’re like me the summer sneaks-up and is here before you know it! I know it shouldn’t be a surprise since it happens every year, but if I’m not careful, it flies by without any sense of intentionality or structure.

So what does an ideal summer look like and how can it be planned so the kids aren’t in front of the TV all day? Thankfully, this “accidental summer” doesn’t have to be your reality. At Five Capitals, we’ve found the best way to get the most out of the summer is by taking time for some reflection, intentional planning and follow through.

Look at our examples below and download the free worksheet at the bottom of the page so you can have the most productive, fun and fruitful summer yet!

Summer Planning using the Five Capitals

Spiritual Capital:

Discern how you want to grow spiritually this summer. What’s God calling you and your family to? At work, what does living out (or sharpening) your vision and values look like?

Examples: Do a weekly Bible study with your kids. Pick a company value and more intentionally live it out this summer.


Relational Capital:

Who are the people of peace in your life? How can they be intentionally invested in? Think about your spouse and kids. Who are the friends best for them to be with this season? Which employees need your time?

Examples: Select specific neighbors to engage with. Prioritize friendships with your kids. Set-up meetings with colleagues with specific topics to help them grow.


Physical Capital:

Think about these summer weeks and months. How can you maximize the evenings and weekends? What does a good rhythm of “purpose/play” look like at work?

Examples: Schedule a regular Friday BBQ with your team. Find creative ways to “relationship build” with your team.


Intellectual Capital:

It’s about training and development. What books, podcasts or TED Talks could your team read over the summer? How about your kids?

Examples: Send out one “TED Talk” a week and discuss it on Fridays over coffee. Read a book as a family over the summer.  Take an online course.


Financial Capital: 

Review where you’re at mid-year. In light of where you want to be in December, are you truly on track? Be intentional with your kids. What three financial principles do they need to learn?

Examples: Practice Generosity. Give each of your kids $5 and challenge them to bless someone with it.


With some reflective planning, good communication and intentional work you can make this the most productive (and fruitful) summer yet.

Looking for the free Summer Planning Worksheet? Click below to get your copy.