3 Ways to Make Sure You Actually Rest Over the Holidays

The Holidays Are Here Again! Are you looking forward to the holiday season? For many, these end of the year...

The Holidays Are Here Again! Are you looking forward to the holiday season? For many, these end of the year holidays mean some well-deserved time off. Whether it’s costume parties, college football games or family gatherings, the holidays are a time for rest and relaxation.

However, what’s fascinating to me is that when I reconnect with with many participants after the new year, they tell me they aren’t at all rested. All the activities and running around haven’t given them any rest. Instead, it just becomes a different form of busyness!

So why the holiday pep talk now? Because now is the time to start planning to actually find rest during your holidays! Either you run the holidays or the holidays run you. Here are 3 tips to find some actual rest over the holidays.

1. Don’t Just Indulge

rockwellthanksgivingMost people go into all sorts of excess over the holidays. Too much turkey. TV all the time, Netflix binges, football binges, activity after activity, movies every day, etc. Take your pick! It’s certainly available during the holidays!

The reality is that while these things might feel like relief, they don’t really give you rest. The change of scenery might feel nice, and put your brain in a coma for a few days, but it won’t actually relax or reenergize you.

Instead of indulging, purposefully choose some activities that actually refresh and restore you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Connect with a good friend, do some exercise, play a board game with your family. Anything that you won’t regret the next morning is probably a good idea!


2. Say No

Tell yourself, “I don’t have to be at every neighborhood party or holiday gathering.” As a good friend used to tell me: “Every once and a while, you need to relax enough to get bored.” This means evenings and weekends that aren’t just go, go, go, all the time. Find some space to just “do nothing” for an evening.


3. Find Agreement

Make sure you don’t just decide how to rest all by yourself and leave your family members to fend for themselves! True rest isn’t individualistic, but takes place in and with community.

So decide as a family what true rest looks like this season. Talk about it, be proactive, honor personality differences, and get on the same page about what’s happening over the holidays. It’s OK if everyone doesn’t do the same thing, just make sure you’re communicating well with those who matter most.