Run the Rest of Your Summer, Don’t Let It Run You

Just like that, another school year is upon us and summer is almost done. These last few weeks of sunshine...
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Just like that, another school year is upon us and summer is almost done. These last few weeks of sunshine and time with the family will be here and gone in the blink of an eye.

So, how can we be proactive during these final days of August? After some time of reflection, we’ve put together a 4 tips to help you make the most out of these last few weeks of your summer season.

1. Take a Needs Assessment

As the weather changes, take some time to discern and identify some of the needs in your life and in your relationships:

    1. What areas or relationships have you neglected?
    2. Where do you need to recalibrate or invest?
    3. What does your marriage need? Your kids need? You need?
    4. How can you find a rhythm that incorporates these needs?

2. Work smarter 

Fall means a lot of changes – Your kids are going back to school, the sun is out for shorter periods of time, rhythms tend to speed up.

So think through how can you work smarter and orient your work life so you’re home more. How can you make space to leave the office on time, sit down for breakfast or possibly take half days on Friday? Be looking for opportunities to be more present and punctual these last few weeks.

3. Think experience and adventure; not checking out and indulgence. 

If you have kids, you know they are all about the experience. And all parents know that kids have energy bursting out constantly! So, what are the new and different ways you can engage with each other for the rest of this season? Try new activities on the weekends, get outside, and have fun with those around you!

4. Be Neighborly

Investing in relational capital involves those in our relational spheres. When was the last time you talked to your neighbors? Think about having a small end-of-summer block party or just make a point to say hello when you’re out mowing the lawn. Be friendly, curious, and see what God does as He works on your relationships with your neighbors.

When we pause, reflect, discern, and decide what is best, we find our relationships are strengthened, our bodies are rested, and we can then move into fall refreshed and energized. So, take some time to think through these 4 areas as they relate to your life. Talk about them with a spouse or close friend and perhaps even more ideas will come to mind. Or click here to learn how a Five Capitals Certified Coach can help keep you on track and accountable during this season.

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