Strategies for Emerging Professionals: Amplify Your Impact in the Workplace

How can I be heard and stand out? How do I share my ideas with my boss? How do I...
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How can I be heard and stand out? How do I share my ideas with my boss? How do I introduce new and relevant strategies to the company?

One of the frustrations I hear most often from my clients who are entering their careers is a struggle to make their voices be heard.

If you are a young professional, chances are that you have some innovative ideas or relevant strategies that you’re itching to introduce within the company. The frustration sets in when you realize that navigating the channels of communication can feel a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever shared an idea that you were passionate about only to be met with, “Thanks for sharing, we will give this some thought…” then you understand what many young leaders are feeling.

The good news is that there is a way to break through the noise and get your ideas heard and maybe even implemented. Assuming that you are working in a healthy company, then all you need is some strategic thinking and a dose of conviction.

Let’s start with the strategy.

The first strategic consideration is culture

It’s essential to understand the dynamics of your workplace. Take note of your company’s culture, your boss’s communication preferences, and the general atmosphere when it comes to embracing change. Ask good questions, and pay attention to changes that are implemented. If you have this information, then you can customize your approach and increase the likelihood of your ideas being well-received.

A second strategic consideration is timing.

Your boss is a human being, which means that they are impacted by the same things that you are. Catching them in the middle of a hectic day or during a high-stress situation might not be the best idea. Instead, look for opportune moments when they are more likely to be receptive. A great strategy here is to let them know that you have an idea you’d like to run by them, and you are wondering when they would prefer to hear it. So many rejected ideas never get a chance because they are delivered at the wrong time.

A third strategic consideration is clarity.

When it comes to presenting your ideas, clarity is king. Remember the part about your boss being human? Your idea isn’t the only one coming across their desk. Additionally, your boss has limited attention and capacity on any given day. You can help your idea gain traction by developing a concise and compelling narrative that clearly articulates the problem your idea addresses, the solution it proposes, and the potential benefits for the company. A simple and straightforward presentation will make it easier for your boss to stay with you and make a decision.

In addition to strategic thinking, getting your ideas across requires conviction. If you believe in your idea and its value to the company, then be willing to play the long game. Many young leaders will propose something, and then quickly give up when it is ignored or critiqued. If you believe in the value of your idea (conviction), then be willing to receive the feedback or critique. If your idea matters to you, then be willing to refine your proposal and try again.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and most ideas are not adopted overnight. If you have conviction about your idea, then honor the idea by practicing patience and resilience.

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