How To Find Help For The Path You’re On

We all feel alone sometimes. We all need help for the journey. We all desire for others to come alongside...

We all feel alone sometimes. We all need help for the journey. We all desire for others to come alongside us. Five Capitals coaching gives you help for the path you’re on. Whether you’re an individual, a married couple, a business leader or a business executive.

Don’t Walk Alone

We work to grow Business Leaders and workplace Christians in understanding how the Bible connects to both their personal and professional world, thus creating greater levels of integration and wholeness in their life. In a Coaching Huddle, we invest transformational tools and skills for imitating the life and ministry of Jesus into every area of your life. These tools are simple, memorable, and reproducible, allowing participants to pass them on to others.

  • Personal Transformation: living a healthy and integrated life
  • Leadership Development: growing as a person of influence
  • Making a Kingdom Impact: being an agent of heaven on earth


Why Five Capitals Coaching?

There are many faith-based coaching programs out in the marketplace, and it seems like everywhere you look there’s a new program, course, or coach to choose from. Like many of our potential clients, you may be asking, “Why should I join Five Capitals instead of XYZ Coaching?”

That’s a great question, and as we’ve taken time to honestly think through our answer, we’ve come up with five reasons why we believe we are set apart from others.


Key Distinctions of Five Capitals Coaching

1. We are Biblical

We are not just a faith-based organization who says we believe in Jesus, but we actually lead with the Bible. With the Bible as our guide, we build content from the life of Jesus and others.


2. We are Practical

We do not have a one size fits all curriculum, but tailor our material to meet you were you are at. So, whether you’re in a new job, new role, in the midst of great breakthroughs, or serious adversity – we will adapt our coaching tools to get you to the next phase.


3. We are Integrated

Our tools are for every area of life. Since they are integrated tools, they are not only for your work life, but you can use them at home, in your marriage and parenting. Depending on where you work, this content can also be adapted to be used in a secular environment and still be very effective.


4. We are Results-Driven

We are so confident in our results that we only charge clients’ month by month and therefore don’t ask for large upfront costs. We have a successful track record with companies increasing revenue and improving their culture, as well as individuals improving their work performance, even into promotions.


5. We are Holistic.

Most coaching programs are one dimensional and only focus on competency. We care about all aspects of your life and will help with your character, your calling (what God has made you for), and your chemistry in working with your co-workers and family members.


What others are saying…

Here are some comments from people who have benefited from Five Capitals coaching:

“Through our time in working with our Five Capitals coach, our family’s rhythms have changed dramatically for the better. Our coach has helped us process and apply great biblical teaching around the way our home works, as well as helped to shepherd us through significant changes in both of our businesses. We are running them more confidently and biblically, which is awesome. Additionally, as a Co CEO married couple, we have a greater sense of vision and (because of that) know what our next steps are, moving forward. Our coach’s leadership has helped in several arenas: from basing our schedules on the Five Capitals framework to giving Myers Briggs training to both of our corporate staffs, to calling us to accountability for what God is saying to us on a weekly basis. I would strongly encourage anyone to get some regular time with a Five Capitals coach—but you can’t have ours!”

-Dora and Steve Manuel — Owners, Viva Bella Event Planning & High Five Salon


“My coaching calls have been a wonderful investment that I would recommend to anyone who wants to see personal and professional growth. I have seen significant positive changes in my life in just the three short months I have worked with my coach. I started the coaching calls to get greater clarity on the purpose of my business. Where I previously felt confused and frustrated, I now feel joy, peace and focus. Although my business was my primary reason for the coaching, I have also seen tremendous progress in my spiritual and relational (family/marriage) health. Every week I’m receiving new tools and homework that enable me to take new ground in all areas of my life. My husband and I are now meeting with a Five Capitals coach, and I’m so excited about how God will use the coaching calls to help us strengthen our marriage.”

-Krissy Little — Marketing Department, Procter & Gamble / Independent Consultant


Have more questions?

If you’re looking for someone to walk with you, take a further look at Five Capitals coaching. Find out more information at Five Capitals Coaching. We’re excited to help you achieve breakthrough in all areas of your personal and professional life!