Why I Wrote Our New Book

You may be feeling like you’re climbing with a weak arm. Or maybe you are wishing you had the right...

You may be feeling like you’re climbing with a weak arm. Or maybe you are wishing you had the right equipment to get over the next big hurdle. You may be frustrated by looking for help and coming up empty handed.

We want to equip you with tools for your journey to help you succeed in every area of life. Just like an outfitter for a mountain climber, we want to give you tools and strategies to climb the mountain you’re on.


We know how you feel.

I want to share the story behind why I wrote this book. I’ve wrestled with the same sort of struggles you have.

Many know, who they are, what to do and why it’s important to do it. However, few know HOW to then live this out and to make a difference in the world.

Build A Better Life:

Practical Tools And Strategies To Develop And Lead Your Life And Business The Way Jesus Would


Where it All Started

After becoming a committed Christian in college, I knew as I entered the corporate world, I wanted to continue to live out my faith both personally and professionally. I assumed, maybe naively, there would be resources upon resources to continue to push me on my journey.

While I found a lot of workplace theology and theory, there were few practical tools to help and guide me each and everyday. As I sought the advice of others, I discovered many felt the same way. It seemed like we were blindly feeling our way through the wilderness.


Fast-Forward a Few Years

God called me out of the corporate world and into the church world. I went to seminary for graduate school where I started developing and engaging with business leaders on how to practically apply the Bible to their home and work. I found many could relate to my sense of wandering and frustration. Together we were asking:


How can we be sure we’re making a difference without any roadmaps, examples, or guidance?


Through research, trial and error, and many mentors along the way the Five Capitals team and I have worked hard to develop biblical tools and frameworks to help. Ones that are relevant, engaging and applicable. As people’s eyes have been opened to the relevancy, integration, and potential in applying the Bible to their work, we’ve seen story after story of change and transformation.

Many executives I coach are now going to the bible before the Harvard Business Review for strategic insight into their day-to-day work life. They are finding a significant increase in their health, productivity, and sense of fulfillment in life.

It’s our team’s desire to get these incredibly practical and biblical tools into the hands of more people like you. I hope you’ll buy Build A Better Life, apply the concepts to your life and see what God might do.