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Attending a Five Capitals Workshop immerses workplace Christians into a world of Biblical concepts and principles, helping to bring transformation within one’s life, family, friendships and business — aiming to improve your spiritual health and the profitability of your organization.

Learning Community Equipping Weekend


Achieve personal transformation and increase abilities to live out one’s life and calling in Christ.


Learn how to live an integrated and full life – combining personal, family, and professional worlds.


Increase leadership capacity and abilities within one’s family and organization.

Upcoming Workshops & Webinars

Understanding your Prioritized Life Assessment – Join us to take a deeper dive into understanding your assessment.  During the webinar you’ll have a chance to ask questions and meet more of the individuals involved with Five Capitals.

The Prioritized Life Webinar Schedule: 

October 16, 2018 at Noon Eastern.  Sign up form coming soon!

More dates coming soon

Or; if you are new to Five Capitals, you have the option to attend a single Equipping Workshop. This will enable you to experience a taste of the Five Capitals Journey before fully engaging in it.


The Five Capitals Journey consists of 6 workshops where we teach and train leaders in discipleship, leadership, community, identity, work/life balance, and mission.

Rather than giving a random assortment of facts, inspiration, or ideas, we have created an investment experience in which teaching, training and tactics are used to equip you, your spouse, and / or your team. Along with other workplace Christians (as well as spouses, co-workers, family), each gathering is spent with the Five Capitals team, creating a strong environment of Biblical teaching, collaboration, sharing and accountability.

At the conclusion of each experience, you/your spouse/your team will leave with a four month plan to accomplish the things you believe God has called you, your family and/or business to do. Included in the two ­year track are weekly coaching calls for spouses and team members, as well as access to all of our content.

How does the Journey work?

The two year Five Capitals Journey combines:


(occurs every 4-5 months)




Overview Weekend | Jesus the Builder

Jesus wasn’t a simple carpenter – He was a Builder, building an enterprise that’s still continuously  advancing 2,000 years later. In the same way, He wants to build something significant in and through you. Learn the skills and strategies to build something lasting  through your life. Learn how to more effectively live in God’s blessings and gain breakthroughs in all areas of your life –  personally, in your family, and at work. This investment weekend was created to help you live a more integrated and influential life.

Spiritual Capital | Jesus the Guide

This investment weekend aims to answer the questions:  Does Jesus have a plan for my work or family? If so, what does He have to say? How much does He care? And if Jesus has a plan – what does Obedience to His plan look like? At Five Capitals, we believe that God has a lot to say and a lot He wants to do through you, your family, and your work. This Investment Weekend will help you to develop a clear mission statement based upon the vision and values you possess. The weekend will also assist you in articulating your unique “Who am I?” and “What am I called to do?”. Our desire is to help you increase your confidence and competence in hearing God’s voice for your life and following through on what He is prompting you to do, both personally and professionally – maximizing your influence and impact in all areas of life.

Relational Capital | Jesus the Leader

As you are continuing to grow and live into: “Who am I and what am I called to do?”, now it is time to start getting more intentional with the relationships around you. During this Investment Weekend, we will look at how Jesus wants to grow your relational capacity as a spouse, parent, or within the dynamics of your workplace. We will seek answers to how Jesus wants you to lead in your personal life, marriage, family, and business. We will also explore what it looks like to build a more committed and productive team, learning how to grow and invest Relational Capital in order to cultivate a team that functions like a family, even exploring the possibility of the workplace becoming a Family on Mission. The Five Capitals team will teach you Biblical frameworks and practical tools to increase the health, ownership, productivity, and capacity of the groups that you’re a part of or lead.

Physical Capital | Jesus the Runner

During this Investment Weekend, we will explore the pace of your life. Is it sustainable? Is your life running into burnout or breakdown? This weekend gives you a vision for what a life of continuous breakthrough, at a sustainable pace, could look like. We will teach you how to develop a marathon runners mentality- with the disciplines and skills necessary to increase your fruitfulness without sacrificing your priorities. Life in Christ is not a sprint, but a marathon. Let our team show you how to finish the race well.

Intellectual Capital | Jesus the Genius

So many of us hear Jesus’s words about “a life to the full” and think…“what life?”  For many, we are merely surviving our life rather than thriving in it. This Investment Weekend is about asking the questions, “What does life to the full look like?” and “How can I both trust God and discover life to the full in light of Who I am and What I’m called to do?” During the weekend, you will explore tools and strategies to nurture your skills and competencies that will help you meet the demands of our fast-paced and changing world. We will look at knowing what to do and how to do it, developing focus and discipline to be lifelong learners.

Financial Capital | Jesus the Investor

At the end of the day, all of us want to leave this earth having done as much good as possible. We want to Leave An Impact. How do we do it? How do we make the most of our time here on earth? The final Investment Weekend gives you both the framework and perspective to maximize your Kingdom-Impact. What does it look like to be a Kingdom-Builder impacting generations to come? Come, join us and find out.


(with a peer group)




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