An Invitation to Partner with Us

At Five Capitals we are so excited about the next season of growth. From the beginning our goal has been...

At Five Capitals we are so excited about the next season of growth. From the beginning our goal has been multiplication – bearing fruit in the lives of leaders by helping them experience “life to the full” through our Biblical and practical tools and frameworks. Looking back, God has brought us a long way over the past eight years. Our organization has been able to codify our content, see change and transformation in hundreds of clients and companies as well as scale our business through our Coaching Certification program. As of this fall we have certified 37 coaches and have our biggest class (15 participants) currently engaged in certification. We are excited to be functioning at this new level and to see what the next season has in store!

The Opportunity / The Vision

For a number of years now, we’ve dreamed of a global headquarters which we would call “The DOCK @ Pawleys Island.” This would be a place of regular training and equipping of people and coaches, a central location where we could invest in leaders from all over. We envision a ripple effect of our coaching process, tools and content multiplying, expanding and then scaling exponentially. However, we have had a real challenge in our efforts to create this strong gravitational pull to the center; the challenge, ironically, is where we live. That’s where you have the opportunity to partner with us.


The Problem

Pawleys Island, South Carolina is an ideal place for retreat, equipping and training. This Low-country, boutique beach setting is perfect for people to get away, be invested in, hear from God, rest and refresh. However, finding good land or a suitable existing venue is extremely difficult. This desirable setting means that from our peak tourist season from March until September, quality retreat and training space is very expensive and extremely scarce. This has limited our training and retreat window to only a few months out of the year during the off-season. We have been praying that God would reveal land, as well as the opportunity and funding, for us to create this global training and equipping center. Unbelievably, at the beginning of this year an opportunity came up through a local business leader who owns a marsh-front, ocean-view commercial property and gave us first rights to build the “global training hub” we have envisioned. Our friend has seen firsthand the impact we have and believes in our vision, resulting in his generous offer at a significant discount for us to obtain the property. Over a half acre in size, this lot provides the perfect opportunity to build our multi-level training and equipping center.


Biblically-Based Vision

The scriptural heart of this year-end giving invitation comes from Acts Chapter 19. Up until this point the apostle Paul had been on three different missionary journeys, seeing many ministry successes but also many failures. He has traveled all over Asia, experiencing shipwrecks, jailings, beatings, snake bites, and persecution as well as miraculous healings, new team members and people coming to Christ. In short, it has been a lot of peaks and valleys for Paul. In Acts 19, however, Paul comes to Ephesus, attempts to speak in the synagogue and is immediately rejected and kicked out. It is at this point that things fall into lockstep for him and he hits his long-term stride.

Paul relocates to the hall of Tyrannis, a learning hall in Ephesus that is politically and religiously neutral. They welcome him with open arms, fully accepting his teaching and showing him so much spiritual favor that he actually preaches, disciples and trains in the Hall of Tyrannus for the next two and a half years. At this equipping and training central place, Paul was able to invest, equip and to multiply at such a scale that missionaries and disciples were sent out and all of Asia Minor was evangelized. (Acts 19:10)


Connecting the Dots

We are looking for “The DOCK” to be our own Hall of Tyrannis, an equipping and sending center that has a multipliable multi-nation global ripple effect. A place where we equip business leaders, church leaders, and workplace Christians with practical Biblical tools and frameworks, which encourage and inspire them to go out and to live out the gospel fully both at work and at home. We are excited to finally have a center where we can bring in thousands of leaders over the coming years to be equipped, trained, encouraged, find clarity, be on retreat, and get revelation; only so they can then go out and go after all God has for them, reaching a harvest 30/60/100-fold with the clarity they have around who they are, what they are called to do, and how best to do it.


God is on the move…

As we have put together the architectural plans for “The DOCK,” designed the space and the marketing materials, God has opened doors every step of the way. This includes connecting us with capital partners, a fair price on the land, a vision team, and a strategic sustainable long-term business model for this area. This business plan would combine local office space, a first-class training facility and equipping center, as as well as a co-working space for local business leaders. That said, the next step in this journey is to raise $75,000-$100,000. Interesting in partnering with us? Head to our donations page!

These funds would allow us to do everything we need to do while the building is being built so that we are ready when the doors open. That funding includes the building of a website, personnel to oversee the initiative, sales and marketing efforts, as well as the building out of the interior space. With the land secured to purchase and capital partners to build the building, this fund- raising effort is the last hurdle to fully move forward on the project. For this reason, this end of year giving is an exciting and significant opportunity for us to connect.


Would you be a financial Partner?

We invite you to join us by partnering in this exciting time. There are different giving and sponsorship levels available for The DOCK project. We ask you to be generous both in prayerfully considering partnering and in helping us get the word out. Let other people know about this unique and exciting opportunity. It is our hope and prayer that in giving you will want to be part of it: to come to Pawleys on retreat, to host your own board, team, ministry or couples event or retreat here, and/or to participate in the many trainings and intensives that we look forward to hosting. We ask you to respond and say “Yes” either by setting up a meeting to learn more and ask questions, or by giving online.


Next Steps

Even with limited timeframes, people have come to Pawleys and been blessed, trained and transformed. We have many examples and testimonies of change and life transformation through our retreat and training process combined with our content and material. We look forward to thousands more being impacted through your participation and engagement with The DOCK project.

To ask questions, engage or donate contact me, Brandon Schaefer, via cell phone 317.753.4133 or by email at If you’re ready to donate simply, click here.


Thank you for considering,

Brandon and the Five Capitals Leadership Team