Five Essential Recalibrations to Maximize the Year

From our Australian clients to our Texas clients, to our Pawleys Island clients, and everywhere in between, we hear that...

From our Australian clients to our Texas clients, to our Pawleys Island clients, and everywhere in between, we hear that it’s been quite the year so far!

The markets are up, unemployment is down, business is on an upswing, and yet the growth has been slower than many have hoped. There’s significant global conflict and uncertainty and the week-to-week political dramas are exhausting.

So where does this leave us? 

If you’re like me, cautiously optimistic and physically-emotionally fatigued, but yet with a desire to focus and finish the year well.

How does one accomplish that? Here are my strong recommendations…


Five Essential Recalibrations to Maximize the Year:

1. Make some BOLD Moves

There is still plenty of days in the year left! Get some rest, reflect on where you’re at, remember “why” you’re in this, read something inspiring and then assemble your team and get going. Bold moves led out with wisdom, confidence and clarity change the play game. That’s right, “nothing changes if nothing changes”, so discern those calculated moves and go for it.


2. Create Space…Consistently

Great ideas don’t come while checking email. Your best ideas and insights will arrive through indirect effort. Mow the lawn, go for a walk, a long drive, or sit at a coffee shop with a blank page to allow your creative juices to flow. Here’s the kicker – do this weekly! Why is this so important? Because you’re the leader, so if you don’t do it no one will. Only you can gain the insight, see the future, clarify the vision. More than likely it will come through wandering and reflection. So, create the space because your future is at stake.


3. Plan Four Fun Things

Joy and fun activities get squeezed when one is under the gun. Don’t make this mistake between now and the end of the year. Sorry, but your work just isn’t that important.

Start with these for areas of your life:

• Do something fun for yourself.  Swing-by the new car lot, go see that movie, go fishing for an afternoon, etc.

• Do something fun for your marriage:  Try the new restaurant, schedule a weekend getaway, go biking for a day, etc.

• Do something fun for your family: Try the children’s museum, go to Top Golf, go on a family canoe trip, etc.

• Do something fun for your friends: Smores around a firepit, serve together somewhere, pizza and a movie night, etc.

Then keep scheduling these four as it makes sense!


4. Ask for Advice 

Most get good at asking for advice either when it’s too late or when it’s at a crisis point, but what if you asked for advice now?

In our individualistic culture, we are too self-reliant and work too hard to appear self-assured. Think of someone you respect, buy them a coffee, share where you’re at and see what they think.

Whether things are going up or down, proactively seek a trusted outsider’s opinion on everything and see what you can learn. I guarantee it can only help.


5. Relax 

Everyone’s gears start ramping up as September gets closer. On some level, that’s fine but it’s also important to relax, recalibrate your perspective and pace accordingly.

Don’t get too hyped-up. Remember God’s got it, he’s in it and he will see you through it. One foot in front of the other and you’ll get there!

I hope these five things help and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

In the meantime, go get ’em!