Sometimes You Just Have To Jump

Have you seen this clip? I’m not sure if this happens after every tapping of the Family Feud, but in...

Have you seen this clip? I’m not sure if this happens after every tapping of the Family Feud, but in this clip Steve Harvey finds himself giving an inspirational message to his audience on the power and necessity of taking leaps of faith in life.

In a nutshell, he challenges the audience to JUMP knowing that to get anywhere worthwhile in life it takes courage to JUMP into the next big thing.

Steve Harvey Family Feud


For me the thought of jumping can often be exciting, scary, inspiring, and paralyzing all at the same time. So often I get hung up at the edge of the cliff focusing too much on where I am jumping from instead of where I am jumping to. The known is always more comfortable than the unknown. It is here that I must decide if I will indeed take the leap of faith and JUMP!


Is it Your Time to Jump?

Keys to Analyze Before Jumping

Steve Harvey quotes Jesus in John 10:10 saying, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” As you decide if you will step out in the new “thing”, it is important to first analyze if the new landing spot will indeed give you a more abundant life.

In our quest for a full life, it is helpful to evaluate the spiritual gifts God has already given us to discern if our strengths will thrive on the other side of the cliff. In Ephesians 4, Paul unpacks a few of these gifts which Jesus has equipped each of us with: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers.

As you read through the descriptions below reflect on which one(s) you believe God has given you, and how He might want to use them as you embark into the unknown.

Are you an Apostle? 

These pioneers and visionaries are always flowing with big ideas and looking for new ground in which to put a stake. If this is you, be asking yourself if your new landing spot will allow you to develop a strategic plan, grow into new markets, and/or launch new products? If not, then the new adventure may not provide fulfillment and you might find yourself getting frustrated.

Are you a Prophet?

The prophet hears and listens to God. Looking ahead it’s key to ask yourself if you will have a say in the vision and be able to share your perspective. If not, then frustrations may arise when you feel the direction of the business does not align with what you are hearing from God.

Are you an Evangelist?

The evangelist wants to bring the Good News! The good news can be anything from bringing a new idea to market, motivating the team, or developing a new initiative. As you look over the cliff, discern if the new opportunity allows you to motivate others or if you will be stuck in a cubicle? If it’s the later, your job satisfaction may suffer as you will feel your good news is stuck in a bottle.

Are you a Pastor?

This does not mean a pastor of a church, but a shepherd for your people. A shepherd oversees, directs, and cares for their people. Will your new endeavor provide you time and space to care for others? Will you have direct reports? If not, then frustration may come if you’re not able to care and direct your flock.

Are you a Teacher?

The teacher loves to equip others to succeed. Teachers look for ways to explain, enlighten, and inform people. Discern if your potential new role will allow you to have the opportunity to improve your team’s competency. If it doesn’t look likely, you’re frustrated by not having a say in the employees and their development.


Is a Leap of Faith All You Need?

The best jumps I’ve made are the ones that have allowed me to use my evangelistic and pastoral gifts. I worked for a great company for ten years, but a few years ago I made the leap into a new role which allowed me to use my strengths and expand my influence in leading out an entire team to do the same. Through this leap I experienced the abundant life Jesus promises.

In the end, only you can decide if it’s your time to jump or not. So, what is on the other side for you? Is it your time to jump? Is where you are jumping going to allow you to use your gifts and experience life to the full?

As you reflect and discern, know that the Five Capitals team is always here to help you process. They have been an incredible help to me! I have no doubt they will give you increased clarity and vision and help you take your leap of faith and JUMP!