How To Recalibrate and Find Focus

We have now hit February and for most of us we’re realizing that sticking with our New Year’s Resolutions is...

We have now hit February and for most of us we’re realizing that sticking with our New Year’s Resolutions is a real struggle! Those hopes, goals, and desires have edged their way to the back burner of our lives. We find ourselves really wishing they could just take care of themselves. And sometimes we realize we have forgotten about them all together!

If you’re like the majority of us, you probably need a boost to help you recalibrate and bring you back to the place of focus. In light of this reality, we wanted to give you a practical and tangible tool that will help you gain success in both your personal and professional life.

We have created a downloadable Life Success Cheat Sheet. As you read below, you’ll see what we call the 5 V’s outlined. This will give you simple steps you can implement today to give you clarity and confidence for the future.


1. VALUES: Who we are / How we act

If the CEO of Apple decide one day to suddenly start making soda products or the CEO of Nike decide on a whim to change their “Just Do It” slogan, it would quite possibly be the end of their business. They know and understand that “who they are” is directly tied to their brand and image. It’s what makes them so strong and speaks to who they are. Their clearly defined identity and values create a culture that people get excited about.

What are your personal, family, or business values? Do they match who you are and who you desire to always be?


2. VISION: The good we’ll continue to bring / Our end in mind

From your values a culture is created which serves as the rocket fuel for your vision. Apple and Nike aren’t content with just being a cool image. They also have a vision, which connects with their culture, and in turn gives them an incredibly high level of productivity. It is because of their clear vision that their team is compelled to stretch, grow, and reach the goals set before them.

What is your big picture vision? What specifically are you going after as you look ahead 10, 50, 100 years down the road?


3. VEHICLES: The ways we deliver

Great companies, leaders, and families find a way to executive their vision and values in a tangible, practical way each and every day. When you walk into Chick-Fli-A, within minutes you see them living out their value and vision to honor God and serve their customers. They pick up your tray and always say, “My pleasure” and are never without a smile on their face.

What are the deliverable ways you can see your vision and values can be expressed day in and day out?


4. VOCABULARY: The language we do and don’t use

Chick-Fli-A says, “My Pleasure.” and “How can I help you?”. Lowes says, “You can build it, we can help.” It is language like this that allows them to quickly connect with who they are and what they do. This then enables them to walk out their vision and values.

What are some of the common words, phrases, and/or language used to communicate your vision and values?


5. VALUATION: How we know we’re winning / measurements for success

When it’s all said and done, you must be able to measure the bottom line. You can’t manage, grow, and expand what you don’t first measure. Therefore having a way to evaluate your success allows you to know if you are indeed moving the ball forward.

What are the “measurements” you can use to know if you are making progress, gaining success, and achieving growth?

As you fill out the sheet below, we hope that it helps you come back to your New Year’s Resolutions with the boost you need to achieve everything God has put in your heart! Feel free to contact us and let us know your 5 V’s and if we can help any further!


Click below to download the Life Success Cheat Sheet:
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