Our Friend, Change

If you’re in a season of change right now, we hope this will be an encouragement to you. Seasons come...

If you’re in a season of change right now, we hope this will be an encouragement to you. Seasons come and go. Such is also true of life. We go through seasons of change–in circumstances, emotions, relationships, careers, etc. Some changes are painful, slamming us to the floor, knocking the wind out of us. We think we’ll never recover; sometimes we’re certain of it.

But we do. In fact, on the other side of change, we’re usually surprised at how adaptable we were, once we released the past–the thing, person, circumstance we were so intricately attached to.


How Change is Like Floating

Many years ago, we were vacationing on the beach in Florida. My son was quite small, but he wanted to learn to float on his back. So like most dads, I tried to explain the physics behind floating. I said, “It’s easier to float on saltwater (as opposed to fresh water) because of its density. Objects, including people, float better in a dense substance. Let’s give it a try. I’ll help you.”

Well, he didn’t really care about the physics lesson, but he was interested in his father’s help. I explained that the water would hold him up, but first he must trust the water to do just that, which meant relaxing, laying his head back, and surrendering to the “laws of floating.” We practiced by placing my hand under his back, holding him up, then slowly removing it. He was fine with the plan, until I removed my hand. Every time I removed my hand, he folded up like an ironing board and went under. So much for physics.

Change is kind of like floating; it requires faith. It usually can’t be explained; it has to be experienced. And to get the most out of it, we have to surrender. We have to trust. Trust the hand of our Father, despite the waves. Regardless of the circumstances.

Easier said than done, right? But real faith is always that way. It’s more of a knowing than a feeling. It’s a release. It’s taking that precarious first step in a new direction, letting go of the past, forging ahead into the unknown, trusting that the path will appear as we go, but not until. It can be harrowing, even terrifying! But on the back side of change, we realize that our fears were overstated, and the capacity of our strength, understated. That’s the way the faith walk always works, especially through the tumult of change.

We’re all capable of more; of being more than we are. We can go to new places, find new relationships, make new choices, blaze new trails. All of us. Often the only thing that holds us back is fear, the fear of change. Change makes us feel insecure and uncomfortable. If you don’t believe that, try sitting in a different chair in the family room tonight after dinner. I dare you!


Healthy Things Change

We must understand that healthy things ALWAYS change. They grow. Like a seed, they fall to the ground on occasion and die, but alas, something more beautiful eventually springs forth. It’s the way nature works. Life too.

Am I speaking to someone tonight who has surrendered too soon to the emptiness of the status quo? Someone who has assumed a fetal position on the damp, dark, floor of fear; the fear of change?

Get up. Get up right now! Seriously. Stand up, right where you’re at–as a figurative testimony–to a new decision to look change straight in the eye and win the stare-down. You’ll feel the strength as you take action, not until. Will it be scary? Maybe. But hang the fear, and live your life, all of it, and start now.

So I’m pleased to introduce you to one of your new best friends! His name is “Change.” The two of you will become soul-mates. That’s the way it works when you walk hand-in-hand together…into the future.

I hope you’re standing right now. If not, I say again. get up! Then LOOK up! Say a prayer. God will hear you. You’re on your way. Blessings to you, dear one, on your journey.


This is a guest post by Gary Black who is a friend of Five Capitals. This post originally appeared on his blog Advice For Living.