Why Community Betterment Should Be a Top Priority

As we look to the year, pressure and focus can increase as we all desire to finish well. With that,...

As we look to the year, pressure and focus can increase as we all desire to finish well. With that, many priorities can start competing for our time and attention. What priorities need to stay? What needs to go?

Regardless of what makes the list, remember to create the space to invest in the community you (and your business) find yourself in. Why is this so important? Here’s some reasons to consider…


5 Reasons to Invest in Your Local Community

1. Your Community needs it

There is a world of both hurt and opportunity within all of our local communities. Christ both models and compels us to be a light and make a difference. How can what your company does bless the people around you? Part of being a leader is seeing and meeting the needs of those around you. Trade in selfishness for selflessness and do some good.


2. It’s big for your employees

Millennials especially are passionate about altruism and the greater good – but aren’t we all? When I worked for Motorola, our “giving back” work days were the best. We looked forward to it, became closer as a team and we were proud to work for a company that created the space to invest locally. Your employees are the same. Community investment creates greater trust, loyalty and pride within your culture.


3. It’s great public relations

Who doesn’t want some positive press from the local paper?!? Help build a “Habitat for Humanity” house, volunteer at the local food kitchen, wear your company shirts and have fun. The positive press can go a long way in the eyes of your neighbors the next time they make a buying decision.


4. You’ll meet new people

Doing different things produces different results! This includes new contacts and connections. Who knows what partnership or business opportunities might come about through your efforts?


5. Your perspective will change

The person that needs to get out of the office the most is you. It’s all too easy to become self-centered and internally-focused. Volunteering keeps your perspective and priorities straight. You’ll feel lighter, more refreshed, less pressure and good about the impact you’ve made. Company challenges will seem smaller by the end of the day.


If you don’t already regularly give to your local community, begin this second half of the year differently. Invest in your community before the end of the year. It will help your business, change your mindset and positively impact the people around you!